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I'm currently stuck in the hallway, with the clue "SIT in the LEFT SEAT. Be PATIENT,", I don't know what to with that. Is there a walkthrough?

I'm having seriously bad lag after playing for awhile; it's lagging so bad it becomes unplayable. It reaches 9-11% CPU running and that boost up my CPU up to 16-19% total cause I have other things running but that shouldn't be problematic, right?

Um, I can't get it to work. It starts up, gives options: game quality, screen resolution, plays the Unity intro and then just leaves me with a black blank screen. Help?

Question: What is with the merperson? It says it female, they all refer to it as her but it looks male, with the flat chest and all, what's it gender identity? Is it biologically female? I'm super confused, I hope I'm not seeming offensive...

Thank you! I love the game, btw!

I'm stuck in the back room behind the chimney, Help? I can't get around the safe and table and I can't leave the room.