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Thanks! Let me heare your opinion after play this game, as well.

Much appreciated. Now I am remaking the game system with Unity, so it'll take a while to catch up next episode. Thanks for your cheer again!

Glad to hear that! Now I'm updating the game with different engine, so please be wait for that.

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I used "Rain & Co II" for the first boss battle theme.

Rain & Co II is composed by DOVA-SYNDROME. You can get it free, and also it's CC0 license to use.

Much appreciated! I've never thought Innerworld can be considered as such a nice game, so really glad that I could bring this game here.

That sounds good idea! Now I'm working on "Safe area" like Resident Evil's save room, and  I'll add new systems like shopping, or cultivating items somehow. It's great that I can hear players' opinions this time.

Thank you for playing the game! 

Innerworld will update several times and I will add more story and decency as a game. I hope you'd like it!

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Thank you very much! I'm glad that could hear about the story as well!

Please looking forward to the next chapter too!

Thank you very much for playing PRINCIPIA! Glad to hear that you enjoy the game so much, and also appreciated your feedbacks upon the game play! It worth that I carefully made this game and added detailed features for this. 

As for the amount of healing items, I recommend to use them 2-3 par a battle. This game is basically the difficult version of OFF by mortis ghost, so 1 encounter with enemies can be deadly if the players aren't careful enough (I'll adjust the difficulty later, since everyone says it's too difficult already 😅). 

Also I recommend to use W.P grenade more often, so that you can win multiple enemies easily. Grenades and healings are the important factors to defeat them!👍

This story really got me. I'm not a trans person, but always suffered with reason-less anxiety and fear of abandonment. A lot of friend have gone from my life space, so Laina's feelings made me cry several times. I just finish reading 2 chapters first so willing to write a new comment when I finish playing then.

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【Weekly report】A new scene for PRINCIPIA. Development is now favorable pace, everyone!(10/10, 2019)

I played Hookup Tails recently, and it was real fun.😏 Tracie is both cute and independent, and it was good experience since I have to portray honey characters (AS FOR STORYWISE!😂) too.

I played Tennis Ace on last week, and I enjoyed so much! My favorite is Keisuke, but Shoichi and Jun are also kind, and cozy characters so basically, I love them all now.😁 And I'm making are VN too, so this game also gave me a lot of inspirations like how to proceed the moment with them. Thank you very much, and hope you can work on Tennis Ace for more!👍

You can submit your own name when the keyboard screen is popping up. If it doesn't, maybe it's due to the version of Android OS. Ren'py games requires comparatively new version of it(As I heard).

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【Monthly report】First release of demo, and some feedbacks( 9/28, 2019 )

OK, I wrote Monthly report at the game page itself, but posting here first is more appropriate. Sorry for double posting but let me take notes on here too.


I could (Finally!!) release the demo of VN game I've longed for years. The story is still indeed short, but I could establish the method to keep making this.

The first chapter will be about 2 hours long with my estimation, since it will consist of 10 episodes. maybe It will take more than 2 months since I took almost one week par each two episodes of the first demo.

Some of the good points, and feedbacks of this game, from my close friends and my self-critics too.

Good point:

1, At least some friend addressed that "Nicolas and Hal are both empathizable as for now. And I can see that Alfred is a good friend to Nicolas, but he's also getting unpleasant one to him". Yes, that's what I wanted to explain about them all!

2, I am not a native speaker of English, but I gave much attention to write like English literature. Thanks to this, I could write in a solid literary style and succeed to establish my writing style for this game.

3, I gave some effort to make a good background to tell their occasions and Soviet Russian-ness of the society. There is only one pic with it, but it can give readers to the attention.


(By my friends)

1, Maybe the theme of this game is ambiguous still. My friend notes me that "You should focus whether this game is about religion, or romance of Nicolas and Hal." I can say that it's both, but maybe I have to explain the religion and their relationships at the prologue and first chapter.

2, Some of my friend pointed out that Anna doesn't look aged properly. (I realized that one but didn't know how to fix it!)She's 40's but doesn't seem so older compared to Nicolas and Alfred, so I need to learn how to stand together her beauty and proper age.

3, Maybe it's odd that Nicolas and Hal are in already lovey-dovey at the beginning. It would be better if Nicolas is like "You're lying to me!!", and on the other hand Hal is like "Notice me, Nicolasu-kun ;(". I will fix this after I wrote up the entire first chapter.

(From Reddit forum)

1, Some people gave me some feedback on character design. Their eyes are quite large compared to the head, and ears are oddly placed to their haircut. I will draw them in more proportionally well-balanced, and more like Three-dimensional next time.

2, It would be better if they are simply lightened, or shadowed to each lighting environment of the place. Fortunately, Renpy has some functions for ingame layers, so I will use that for each scenes.

3, Thanks to Nicolas' smoking habit and Hal's religious view, I caused a bit controversy. So I will make more appropriate precautions on game intro by next update.

Next plans:
1, Write some new episodes: about 8 episodes and Implement some of them on Ren'py project by next month.
2, Fixing some of 6 feedbacks above.
3, Enhance UI, and add some illustrations for each scenes.
4, Make Albrecht and Alexei to appear on the game.

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" ...In the center of Nordburg, there is an Old-Patriarchal Church the center of the ancient-Monotheism in the past. After the division of the church, people serve for this Church has decreased and it has collapsed miserably. Surrounded by slums and dubious shops, there is no shadow of the world's largest religious city."

Nice to meet you, everyone. I decided to start writing, and reporting some progresses of my VN project: PRINCIPIA on Devlog of About the VN itself, I created a game page too so please refer to it.

Game page:

Since this is the first release, there are only a few scenes and you can playthrough in less than 30 minutes. This game is a bit plain and not well-written still, but I will make it further better on each overhaul. So please be delightful.

And about feedbacks, I always want some helps and tips for this game so please note me anything. If I got some comments for feedbacks on here or game page, hopefully I can reply you by that week, or month. Please be patient!

Creator's hubs:


" ...In the center of Nordburg, there is an Old-Patriarchal Church the center of the ancient-Monotheism in the past. After the division of the church, people serve for this Church has decreased and it has collapsed miserably. Surrounded by slums and dubious shops, there is no shadow of the world's largest religious city."

Principia is a Visual Novel game featuring Hurt/Comfort story featuruing Anthropomorphic characters.
They are living in a Nordburg: a retro Soviet-ish city, and struggling to become an independent adult via getting along with their harsh situations.

Get the game now, to see their slice of life. Page:

Creator's hubs:


Thank you very much for playing PRINCIPIA! Now I'm preparing a monthly update so please be delightened. :)