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Fuuuck I love this! Really good first episode! I feel bad for Nicole!

it's just meant to be explored ^^; <3

can we submit more than one? I 

AAAHHH This is heccing cute! omg! I love this

Thank you... it's been too long since I've written anything like this, I need to get some more vulnerable stuff out of my head and heart soon <3

aw thank you so muuuch!!

Aw thank you!


Hi, creator of the twine here!

Well for not having anything to say about it, what feedback you gave is appreciated!

I wasn't actually sure how to approach the formatting so I'm sorry to hear it didn't work in the end. This is actually (and probably obviously) one of my first serious-ish twine attempts so more than anything a lot of it was learning experience. I also left the story fairly vague cause of the word count restriction. I also really wanted to focus on seeing where I could go aestetically, since a lot of twine's use the default theme and I wanted to avoid doing that if possible. So I'm glad to hear you like the style :)

Ofcourse none of this is to absolve your critique and next time I make one hopefully it will be an experience more enjoyable :) Thank you!

It all begins and ends in baby o3o this is the meaning of life

When I got into twine, I never expected anything like this. It's very nice and well done!

Was it hard putting visuals in your twine like that? I love how this looks and feels @O@

Hi, I've tried looking into it but I haven't had much luck :/ if you want, could you maybe screenshot the error and send it to me? My twitter is @nykanykanyka if that helps!

Huh, I've never ran into that before but I can look into it and see if it's anything I can fix. @o@ thank you for bringing attention to it though. I'm sorry ti wasn't working for you :c

Aw thank you friend ;w; I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Played through the demo and this is a really I like what's going on so far! I'll keep my eye on this.

This sucks >:^/

Hi! I made most of my models in cinema 4D but for the human forms I used and then exported them as obj's into cinema 4d to adjust them and stuff :)