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Hey man, thanks for playing! The first build was created in 48 hours for a game jam, but I've updated it since with bug fixes and gameplay changes. 

Now that you've mentioned it, I'll definitely take a look. I was going to work on some fixes for other issues too so I'll try to have a new build out within the next week or so.

Thanks for the help!

Hi there! Thanks a lot for the feedback. Any ideas what kind of control scheme you'd prefer?

Maaaaaaaybe in the future, but I usually keep my jam games as close to the original design as possible. But you never know, I may make a spin-off game or something ;)

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Cheers mate! Glad you enjoyed it :)


Loved your vid! And I apologise about the 'falling out of world' issue you got :( I'll see if I can get that fixed in the new year!

You're right when you said the game spawns the enemy, rather than him roaming around. This is because when I first tried him roaming around, he was always away from the player and the game was kinda boring.. so I thought the spawning mechanic would be better to make it more exciting and also due to the time constraints, but I do agree with you that it is a cheap scaring mechanic... sorry about that!

Thanks a lot for playing :)

Thanks for the vid! Loved the outro :')

Thanks for your kind comment <3

Loved your vid :) Thank you

Thank you so much :)

Thanks for your kind words, and I appreciate the awesome feedback!

I noticed a music loop bug in your video which I'll get around to fixing in the new year sometime. I loved the vid tho :)

Thanks so much for playing

PS. The "Red or Blue?" text was a small reference to a Japanese yokai named Aka Manto, which was originally going to be properly included in the game, but was cut due to time constraints :(

Wow! You managed to avoid getting seen entirely! I'll have to work on that ;)

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you for playing!

hi there

of course you can! everyone can feel free to make videos of my game and monetize the videos :) can't wait for the video

Funny stuff :D Cheers for playing!

Loved the vid :) Thank you very much for playing!

Thanks so much for playing! Really glad you enjoyed it :)

Keep a look out for my new game for Asylum Jam 2017!

Thanks for the recommendation :)

Thanks a lot!! That issue should be fxed now (>_<)

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Mm!!! Another playthrough sounds like a great idea!! That sounds really cool! I made this game for a game jam (in under 48 hours) so that's why it's really short. But I may adapt the idea into a full game in the future, with a different name!

Also, the candle you're holding doesn't go out. I know that can be kinda unrealistic but I tried it with a mechanic where it goes out and it wasn't very fun :/ keep an eye on your other candles though!!

Thanks for playing tho!!

Thanks very much for alerting me to this. Turns out I'm a stupid poop and left a debug switch turned on. Should be fine now.

Thanks so much~~~