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I'll do my best! I originally thought this game wouldn't take long to remake, but it's grown a lot since then! When it releases, I hope you'll agree that it improves on the mechanics of the previous game and will give you a satisfying story behind Lady Ice.

Thanks for your predictions!! :)

Thanks for playing! 
That's certainly a unique way of describing the game :) I agree with you though, it does feel comfy!


Thanks for your kind words! I can understand how people can look at it and be put off haha that happens a lot! 
Thanks so much for playing, I'm really happy you enjoyed it!

Hey there!

That sounds amazing! Personally I'd leave combat out of it entirely to increase the helplessness and fear of getting caught, as it's always scary being hunted by things you cannot harm or kill. You could have it so the students need to work together through the use of stealth and distractions (the jock distracts the creature while the nerds sneak on by)!

Amazing idea, bro. You have a superb imagination :)

Just saw this now.  I'm sorry Tenome didn't impress.

Thanks for playing tho! Appreciate the vid!

Thanks for the feedback, mate! I understand that this concept isn't new and is really overused. I only had 48 hours to initially develop this game and thought this mechanic would be quick and easy to implement (which it was!) but I agree it's really difficult to make it unique due to its overuse haha

I appreciate your feedback, dude! :) Thanks again!

Hi mate. Thanks for playing!

I’m sorry that Tenome failed to impress. Is there any feedback you’d like to suggest to make it better? Or something for me to keep in mind for the future?

LOL! Nice bug find. I'll get that cleaned up if I ever find time to make a patch!

Cheers for playing, dude. Hilarious vid!

Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it!

Hey, if people want a game version of Regashi, I can probably make it! :)

Hey man, thanks for playing! The first build was created in 48 hours for a game jam, but I've updated it since with bug fixes and gameplay changes. 

Now that you've mentioned it, I'll definitely take a look. I was going to work on some fixes for other issues too so I'll try to have a new build out within the next week or so.

Thanks for the help!

Hi there! Thanks a lot for the feedback. Any ideas what kind of control scheme you'd prefer?

Maaaaaaaybe in the future, but I usually keep my jam games as close to the original design as possible. But you never know, I may make a spin-off game or something ;)

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Cheers mate! Glad you enjoyed it :)


Loved your vid! And I apologise about the 'falling out of world' issue you got :( I'll see if I can get that fixed in the new year!

You're right when you said the game spawns the enemy, rather than him roaming around. This is because when I first tried him roaming around, he was always away from the player and the game was kinda boring.. so I thought the spawning mechanic would be better to make it more exciting and also due to the time constraints, but I do agree with you that it is a cheap scaring mechanic... sorry about that!

Thanks a lot for playing :)

Thanks for the vid! Loved the outro :')

Thanks for your kind comment <3

Loved your vid :) Thank you

Thank you so much :)

Thanks for your kind words, and I appreciate the awesome feedback!

I noticed a music loop bug in your video which I'll get around to fixing in the new year sometime. I loved the vid tho :)

Thanks so much for playing

PS. The "Red or Blue?" text was a small reference to a Japanese yokai named Aka Manto, which was originally going to be properly included in the game, but was cut due to time constraints :(

Wow! You managed to avoid getting seen entirely! I'll have to work on that ;)

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you for playing!

hi there

of course you can! everyone can feel free to make videos of my game and monetize the videos :) can't wait for the video

Funny stuff :D Cheers for playing!

Loved the vid :) Thank you very much for playing!

Thanks so much for playing! Really glad you enjoyed it :)

Keep a look out for my new game for Asylum Jam 2017!

Thanks for the recommendation :)

Thanks a lot!! That issue should be fxed now (>_<)

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Mm!!! Another playthrough sounds like a great idea!! That sounds really cool! I made this game for a game jam (in under 48 hours) so that's why it's really short. But I may adapt the idea into a full game in the future, with a different name!

Also, the candle you're holding doesn't go out. I know that can be kinda unrealistic but I tried it with a mechanic where it goes out and it wasn't very fun :/ keep an eye on your other candles though!!

Thanks for playing tho!!

Thanks very much for alerting me to this. Turns out I'm a stupid poop and left a debug switch turned on. Should be fine now.

Thanks so much~~~