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That would be awesome :) No rush if you're busy though, I made a font of my own for the meantime

Do you have a font I could have to use with this ? I love how you made all the letters in this but I'd like to keep the same letters throughout my game if I end up using these assets.

If not could you make one, or even a couple? I'll buy it :D
I'd recommend using this website, it's super easy to make a font with.

Love your work, please keep it up :)

I'm in awe. If I weren't already in the middle of a couple projects I'd be testing out and using this right now. Looks great! Can't wait to see updates

Very glad to see you making more content!

ooo, okay! I will very likely take you up on something relatively soon. What would be the best way to contact you ? You can email me at :)

I love this, do you work for hire ? I need some specific work done :)

Alrighty, well good luck!

Thank you! It looks great so far, will you be releasing this to Steam ? Can't wait to try it out !

Hi, the youtube video to preview is currently unavailable, do you have a different link ?

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I'm in love ! I will definitely be checking out the rest of your stuff... Good stuff,  keep it up :

Hiya, I saw in another comment that you're working on a game, but I wanted to say I hope you can make some more sprite packs soon :) Really enjoying your work, keep it up. Also, do you mind sharing any info on your game? I have a couple projects in progress myself and I am curious :D

Hello! My first game Eurobi Racing celebrates it's first month on Steam today! So, I decided to provide it here as well :)

Eurobi Racing is a simple and addictive time killing game. Upgrade your vehicle and power-ups to maximize high-scores, purchase new cars, and compete against others! Be prepared to run into law enforcement, wonky crash physics, and buggy sound effects.

Please feel free to check out the page I made here on!

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Just wanted to say your stuff is super decent and I really like some of the sprites and animations you do. Bought a few packages for something I'm working on, keep at it man.