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This is outstanding, great work.

Do you have anything that would force the gamemaker application to draw above everything on the screen no matter what?

See this screenshot:

I'm using a different extension of yours to draw this animated character with a transparent background. Currently, I can even move her around and the background updates so that it always stays "Transparent". However, if I click on google chrome, she disappears.

This is just a test since I only discovered your wonderful extensions today, but my idea is to have an "idle rpg" game that's always on top of your screen (aside from fullscreen applications). I actually have the entire game designed too, but dropped it since previously I couldn't solve the transparent background issue.

Let me know if you have anything that can do this :)

Wow, thank you so much Yal! I think I will do this so that I can have a project with only the battling present, so that I can reference it easily. Thanks again!

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Hi Yal, I'm a pretty big fan of yours, I've seen you so many times on here and on the gamemaker forums over the years.

I was wondering if you had some insight on the best way to customize this?

I'm wanting to learn from your engine and eventually make my own version of it from scratch, but for now I'm just attempting to get my proof of concept working using this.

I would like to use my own project and import your monster battling/collection system into it if possible, but the amount of scripts it has is a little overwhelming. I wouldn't know what to bring and what not to bring, yet at the same time, I find it somewhat difficult to import my project into this one and get everything working correctly.

Please let me know if you have any advice, thank you!

Edit: Hey so I decided to go from scratch and look towards you engine for occasional guidance.. Wish me luck!

Thank you for replying. I will wait patiently, but eagerly :D
I'm a huge fan of everything you make, keep it up ^_^

Will you ever make background images? Just curious bc i love your style ^_^

These are being used for my game Nuumonsters so I won't be selling them :)
Here's the game if you're interested:

Highest Priority Quick Updates and Fixes:

  • Add in Music and SFX Toggle to Pause menu
  • Add more things to Player's room
  • Add in more dialogue for the existing goddesses
  • Add in more music and SFX
  • Add in more things to spend materials on (Any ideas?)

Thank you. You as well^^

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"You have died. You choose to live your after-life in a turn-based RPG game with no one but beautiful goddesses to talk to. Laugh your way through a comical story-line as you battle monsters, unlock new powers, and recruit goddesses to your party!"

Hello, this is one of my first games. I decided to make something somewhat small scope, with dialogue as the games focus. Only, the dialogue is purely written to make players laugh. I have never written gags or jokes before, or even long lengths of dialogue, but I'm happy to say that I've got some positive feedback from my beta testers^^

I'm starting this devlog to assist in shaping the game to what I know it can become. I can use all the feedback I can get as an in-experienced game developer. I'm a great programmer, and decent pixel artist, but dialogue, story, game design, these things scare me a little.. But I do  know that this game is at a decent starting point to becoming something I can be very proud of. Eventually, I'd like to have several characters, detailed portraits and emotions for all characters, lot's of mini-games, secrets, and other fun things to do.

Currently in the game, there is:

  • The hero, Yukihiro. He's a NEET.
  • Four goddesses that you can talk to.
  • A decent amount of dialogue for each character (50-100 messages total PER goddess)
  • Basic foraging gameplay and turn based combat against enemy's
  • A few spells you can get to speed up gathering, and presents to find that greatly speed up gathering
  • 5 different tilesets, multiple resource types, and 5 large-ish areas to explore

What I'd like to have in the finished product:

  • Eight goddesses to talk to + more dialogue for existing ones
  • Detailed portraits with emotions and sfx for every character
  • Mini-games like fishing, archery, guessing game gambling, arcade games, etc
  • A customizeable home base where you can buy things to put into it
  • Several different spells to unlock and upgrade for gathering that are ALSO usable in combat
  • The ability to complete goddesses routes which would allow you to bring them with you 
  • Some type of "post-game" adventure that includes lot's of battles, and teamwork with the goddesses.

This game is currently available for cheap on Steam as is, but I'm willing to give discounts, demo's, and even free keys to especially helpful people. The best place to contact me is on my discord server, I'll put a link there below^^

Any and all feedback is appreciated, I'll look forward to everything you have to say, thank you, and cheers!

Screenshots of the game:

Screencap of the turn based combat

Screencap of the turn based combat

This is how the dialogue looks when speaking to a goddess

Here you can see the lightning spell, it arcs to nearby resources.

Here you can see the lightning spell, it arcs to nearby resources!

Discord Link:

Steam Page:

Another great pack^^
I'll look forward to the next one as well.
P.S. Let me know if you ever need a programmer, I'd love to work alongside a talented artist. You can see games I've made here:

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noffing happawens wen i doburu clickuru it jus do noffing and i haff upudated windaroo's and alsuro upudated garaffics dwivers pws halpame

That would be awesome :) No rush if you're busy though, I made a font of my own for the meantime

Do you have a font I could have to use with this ? I love how you made all the letters in this but I'd like to keep the same letters throughout my game if I end up using these assets.

If not could you make one, or even a couple? I'll buy it :D
I'd recommend using this website, it's super easy to make a font with.

Love your work, please keep it up :)

I'm in awe. If I weren't already in the middle of a couple projects I'd be testing out and using this right now. Looks great! Can't wait to see updates

Very glad to see you making more content!

ooo, okay! I will very likely take you up on something relatively soon. What would be the best way to contact you ? You can email me at :)

I love this, do you work for hire ? I need some specific work done :)

Alrighty, well good luck!

Thank you! It looks great so far, will you be releasing this to Steam ? Can't wait to try it out !

Hi, the youtube video to preview is currently unavailable, do you have a different link ?

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I'm in love ! I will definitely be checking out the rest of your stuff... Good stuff,  keep it up :

Hiya, I saw in another comment that you're working on a game, but I wanted to say I hope you can make some more sprite packs soon :) Really enjoying your work, keep it up. Also, do you mind sharing any info on your game? I have a couple projects in progress myself and I am curious :D

Hello! My first game Eurobi Racing celebrates it's first month on Steam today! So, I decided to provide it here as well :)

Eurobi Racing is a simple and addictive time killing game. Upgrade your vehicle and power-ups to maximize high-scores, purchase new cars, and compete against others! Be prepared to run into law enforcement, wonky crash physics, and buggy sound effects.

Please feel free to check out the page I made here on!

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Just wanted to say your stuff is super decent and I really like some of the sprites and animations you do. Bought a few packages for something I'm working on, keep at it man.