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Thanks!  I probably will keep working on the game a bit to make more levels.  Future levels will probably also tend to be a bit more linear than this one.  Linear branching paths at least.

Thanks!  I was also going to add swinging axes.  I'll put them in for sure if I continue with this game.

It's probably supposed to be difficult but the parts with spikes above and below you are particularly difficult with the current falling acceleration.  I also found the most success playing those parts with two hands so maybe it'd make sense for there to be a secondary change button further to the right of the keyboard.

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Really interesting idea.

I might change it so attack spacebar doesn't cause move spacebar, cause I had a problem where attacking a guy put me into a spot where I was just on the edge of a move block and it put me into a sequence I couldn't escape cause I was heading towards the corners of a hallway entrance and bounced on the corners.

The idea is still great and it's probably a low rate of occurrence issue, just pointing it out if you haven't seen it.

Edit:  It might also work to put arrows in more places that don't directly head to the goal but do allow you to either make more wrong moves (in a good way) or escape somewhere you don't want to be.

Thanks!  I liked yours too.

THANKS!  It was a fun thing to restrict my design to.

Thanks, though I should admit that this is the one I made for another jam first  :p

Similar time frame though so I don't feel like too much of a cheater  :)

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I just tonight put up a game for another jam that might fit the rules.  Can I submit it and possibly another?  (Assuming it works with the rules and there's no theme)

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Really interesting story so far.  It's good enough that I found myself making kinda ill-advised decisions just to explore it.

Thanks!  In my head I was combining "Breath of the Wild" with the "Make Love Not Warcraft" episode of South Park... definitely had a scale back on the environment though  :) 

I'm glad you liked the boulder.  It gave me a surprising amount of trouble and I almost scrapped it.

I really liked the atmosphere, kind of a beautiful lonely feeling.

The snow was pretty well done too :)

Are you saying normal cg animation is fine, just with it being frame by frame / not keyframe based?

Love the art

(this isn't not a huge problem, just felt kind of jarring for the intro)

In the beginning the camera did a snap turinging motion when I tried turning past the limits. It might be good to store the frame's turning amount in a local variable that only gets applied if the result is within your limits. Trying to clamp the result after allowing the input to have effect gives some weird results, at least when I played.

Liked the idea alot :) just a couple of usability things I would personally try

Maybe an in-game cursor that doens't go invisible when you are dragging a connector. Maybe connected pieces also move together when using one mouse button but not the other.