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I really liked the atmosphere, kind of a beautiful lonely feeling.

The snow was pretty well done too :)

Created a new topic "emulating the medium"

Are you saying normal cg animation is fine, just with it being frame by frame / not keyframe based?

Love the art

(this isn't not a huge problem, just felt kind of jarring for the intro)

In the beginning the camera did a snap turinging motion when I tried turning past the limits. It might be good to store the frame's turning amount in a local variable that only gets applied if the result is within your limits. Trying to clamp the result after allowing the input to have effect gives some weird results, at least when I played.

Liked the idea alot :) just a couple of usability things I would personally try

Maybe an in-game cursor that doens't go invisible when you are dragging a connector. Maybe connected pieces also move together when using one mouse button but not the other.