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I checked out the stream, it was really helpful to watch you play :) I appreciate that. And I agree, there's a lot I wanted to do with different levels but hey, jam hours and all that. Thanks for checking it out! :D

Just tested it, and it happens with both Windows versions.

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Hey there! On Windows I got an error (posting below!), just so you have it.

I also couldn't run it on WebGL (Firefox) either, it hangs when it gets to the end of the Unity logo load - for what it's worth I had this issue on my 2D WebGL build, too. I 'solved' it by switching from brotli compression to gzip in the build settings.

I hope some of this helps, sorry if it doesn't!


This is so neat - I enjoyed exploring around and collecting stuff. Cool ambiance, and beautiful art, too!

Thank you! :D I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much!! ^_^

Man, I loved this. I unlocked every upgrade. Charming, simple and I loved the unique way of catching fish with bubbles. Just awesome.

The music is amaaazing! I wasn't expecting a change-up, but when it got a bit harder I was pleasantly surprised when it switched beats, the gameplay was well done and the art was fantastic. Great entry!!

Very cool game, easy to learn but hard to master. Great music and art as well :D

Thank you! :D

This was great! Beautiful art, very challenging gameplay but well done! My best was 11k, but I saw someone else got like 30k+ and that is awesome ha! Great entry :)

Thank you so much! :)

Probably the most realistic game I've ever made lol. And that is a great suggestion - I did want to try a few different things with level design but (obvs lol) ran out of time. I'm gonna keep that one in mind for future updates. Thanks for playing!!

Aw, thank you! :D

Haha, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed, I had fun with this one :D

Thank you! :)

Ohhh, my mistake! Totally get that, still a really solid submission :)

Ha! Nah, it's totally legit, I'm sure, who doesn't love a little unpaid overtime, lol. Thanks for playing!

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I loved this game. I think I played it til the end? Or at least *a* end? Spoilers below!

(Had fun regardless, but in case you want the info) I think I hit a glitch - got the 'Legendary???' card, and without trying to spoil too much, a certain something disappeared with maybe 1 hp left or so but the hp bar stayed on screen but I could still bubble around and be my bubbly self, it just seemed to break the game a bit. Left another mysterious item on screen with a lot of random letters as well. The legendary thing in question hit me right before it disappeared, but I also had shot it at the same time, maybe that caused something. Either way, really well done, I had a lot of fun rolling through it and the upgrades were awesome, absolutely fantastic entry!

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This was really awesome - a nice feel to it when you collect multiple bubbles and when they pop. Neat game mechanics, it felt unique. Great job!

Very peaceful, the bubbles floating in the background were a really nice touch and I liked the level layouts. Nice entry :)

This was really cool! The little dudes shooting bullets that you could ride with was a really neat feature. Impressive how many levels were packed into this game! Great entry!

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This was well done! The game locked up on the second wave, but I loved how the little guys ran for my tank when they landed. Really cool.

Edit: Here's a pic of the game lockup in case it helps :)

That duck is adorable. Super hard but this type of game is my Achilles' heel ha. Great job!

This game was fantastic! The puzzles were *really* well designed. The music was also chill and set the tone nicely. Nice bubble popping effect, too. Loved it. :D

I failed to clean the kitchen in the end, but I loooooved cleaning up that goop. Great sound effects, it really sounded like bubbles. I liked being that little cleaning bubble guy, really cool submission.

Hahaha, thank you, I'm glad you liked it! :D

Challenging, but very cool! The tank gets so cute when it's tiny, haha :) I really like the simple, clean look of this. Cool entry!

What a neat game! And I just saw this is your first time completing, congrats!! Doing a tower defense in such a short amount of time is admirable, great submission!

Really well done! Lovely, the sound is fun, and the flocking/AI was really cool. And, appreciating the art here, that is a really beautifully drawn hand. :)

A very clever mechanic that incorporates both the theme and limitation. I like that you rotate around the bubbles instead of sticking to one point. I really liked this one. :)

It felt really good to scrub up this counter, I love the bubbles. Good use of theme and limitation, too! Great entry :)

Thanks! :) It was fun to do.

What a cool fricking idea for a game!! It's hardcore for sure, lol. Maybe you could get one extra shot per energy point collected as some form of easy mode option? Either way, it's awesome. :D

Thank yooou! It needs more work, I'll push another update soon! ;D

I love this, and would love to see even more levels! Crazy good for a 72 hour jam :D

thank you! :D

This is an amazing and well fleshed out game for 48 hours (and just in general)! I hadn't realized the voting period was ending, I'm sorry I missed playing this in time, but I love this and think it could totally make a really natural progression to the Switch or something and be a huge hit. Fun, adorable, great ambiance, look and humor!

Hahaha that's my favorite part, too. I also like making giant barns that are stupidly tilted and trying to place bridges like ramps to get into them for no reason, lol. Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D