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Hahahahaha ^_^

Sorry you had issues with this one - I'll see what I can do to make it more responsive.

Whaaaaaat omg NICE!!! Thanks so much!! :D


Well, it's an awesome game! ^_^

LOVE THIS GAME. I could play 50 more levels. I love that you included a quick restart!!! I played through all the levels then went back to see what kind of score I could get. Hey, I'm proud of it, anyway :D

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Thanks, I'm tryin' to finally get it done, ha :D

Still love this one, and it's gotten even better!!! 0_0!

Hella juicy indeed! Love this one, getting combos feels AWESOME. I want all the points. :D

This game nailed the mood!! From the graphics, animations and little puzzles to the sounds and movement, it was really fun to play and I loved it. I could see this being a legit release in the 90s. Also love the CD in the promo pic!

Thanks for pointing that out! Pretty sure it's an issue with my colliders, they need some tweaking. Thanks for playing, and for the kind words! :)

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I loved this - the punching feels solid, the movement is snappy and the enemies are great! I feel like I just earned 'dad of the year' award :D

Thank you so much! :)

You nailed the feel of an old-school shooter! Haven't played one of those in ages, forgot how much fun they could be. Also this may be the most hardcore Santa game ever, totally would buy that it was a lost game from the 90s!

Aww, thank you! It was a fun jam ^_^

Thank you, I appreciate that! :) Excited to put more in!

Very chill game (pun intended?). Nice submission ^_^

This is awesome! I love the look (perfect!) and steering the reindeer felt amazing, well done.

Awww, thank you so much! It's a goofy little thing but I'm glad you liked it :D

This was a clever puzzle game, and so wholesome. It warmed my heart just playing it. The levels got pretty tough, too! The way down/back up aspect was a really neat strategic take as well, great entry. :)

I'm glad to hear you found it pleasant - I'd love to flesh it out with more puzzle-y things when I have the time. Thanks so much for playing and for the kinda words! :)

There's a really cool start to a game here - I may have hit a bug when upgrading skills, once I clicked on armor it was the only one shown that I could upgrade after that.

That's quite the recommendation, I may try it out some time. You too!

Once per day is a bold move! Very cool game, the flapping felt good and I dig the aesthetic. :)

Oh yeah, I mentioned that stuff in the description but know those can be easy to miss. Someday I'll fix those things up, maybe sooner rather than later! And I've seen that A* system recommended before, it seems very well put-together - just wanted to start my own system so I'd understand everything about it, figured a jam was a good opportunity so it'd get my butt in gear. Cheers, and thanks for trying it!

Great visuals! There was something very satisfying about collecting those coins as well. Cool and unique card/attack system!

What a fun concept (also the main character is a great touch). This was a neat mix of a sort of typing game with a jumping game - I would have loved to use the number pad if possible, but either way it was cool. :)

Man, that last level is tough! There were neat boards in here, some of them had solutions I wasn't expecting. It was fun, great entry!

This was really cool! The art, gameplay and music are all great. I love the squishing of the main character when he lands. Great entry.

Challenging but really fun! Having to dodge your own bullets as well as the Dice God was a really interesting strategic addition. I really liked it!

Seriously, what a neat idea! Also funny - of course I was gonna take those low, low odds. And... go broke right away (annnnnd... a in couple different matches after that, lol). Hey, the game tried to warn me. I could see this being a fully-fledged game on steam, great submission.

Lufayr the great! Lufayr the--yeah I tried to get him to turn the way he's lookin' but something in my code keeps forkin' that up lol. Thanks for playing, and for the kind words (and the laugh)!

This game is great! Snappy and fun. I made it to floor nine but am going to have to come back as it's teasing my brain, lol. I can do it! I just might need some food first. Love the music and the art is fantastic. Awesome entry!

Aw, that's very kind of you to say! I'm sort of using it to flesh out my new dialogue system so I might take it a bit farther! Thank you for playing. ;)

The music goes really well with it! Once I got the hang of it, the cleverness of the idea became clear. Really neat idea, waiting for the correct dice while trying to jump and hit them all while remembering what they do. It's challenging, but very cool!

Thanks! I did, I'm still sorting through some bugs in the system :) I'm hoping to have traps up soon - thanks for the feedback! :)

Thaaaaaank you!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA 142 days in and I just saw this ;) I'm posting anyway. Cheers!

Aaaaaaaand I screamed. This was brilliant. :D

I checked out the stream, it was really helpful to watch you play :) I appreciate that. And I agree, there's a lot I wanted to do with different levels but hey, jam hours and all that. Thanks for checking it out! :D

Just tested it, and it happens with both Windows versions.