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Added changelog for update 0.2.6d to the top of this thread. Returned back to development after much needed vacation and break.

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Added changelog for update 0.2.4d to the top of this thread

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Added changelog for update 0.2.3d to the top of this thread. Third update in a week? I am on fire!

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Added changelog for update 0.2.2d to the top of this thread

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Added changelog for update 0.2.1d to the top of this thread

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Added changelog for update 0.1.7 to the top of this thread

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Added changelog for update

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Change Log

Version 0.2.6d (12/09/2017)

  • Added stage 0 - starting level which introduces player into the game and explain basic mechanics
  • Redesigned stage 1 - second level is now more appealing and continues to introduce players into the game
  • Implemented dialog system which is used to tell a story and tutorial
  • Removed old clunky tutorial and added hint system which is easier to follow
  • Lightmapped all available stages for better lightning and FPS
  • Changed metronome screen colours to make it more interesting
  • Changed metronome cube color

Version 0.2.4d (02/07/2017)

  • Introducing hitpoints into the game - knight now can withstand hits from some traps based on a level he is in
  • Effectively removed instant death and rebalanced difficulty of whole game
  • Added graphics of health elixir that represents hitpoints
  • Added tutorial about hitpoints
  • Added audio effects for knight when he looses hitpoint
  • Removed falling cube signalizing incoming trap in blind mode as it made game too easy

Version 0.2.3d (24/06/2017)

  • Added trap warning to blind mode - difficulty should now be much more balanced
  • Respawn menu now only has one button instead of four
  • Escape menu has been enabled in respawn menu
  • Added hint about how to change blind and normal mode
  • Normal and blind mode switch is now linked to only one button instead of two
  • Simplified tutorial - less text, more to the point
  • Partial controller support - you can play the game using controller, but navigating menus still require mouse. One of these days...

Version 0.2.2d (19/06/2017)

  • Changed camera angle to give better perspective of what's in front of player
  • Unified texts on some buttons to have the same meaning
  • Added small camera pan in the beginning of each level - polish!

Version 0.2.1d (18/06/2017)

  • Free demo release - first four levels are available plus bonus one 
  • Significant music rework - each level now has unique song that makes for a better and more balanced experience
  • Colliders for traps were reduced in size to give more space for errors
  • Player collider has been reduced in size to make gameplay more friendly
  • Knight now falls a bit faster, resdulting in tighter movement mechanics
  • Reworked input - now it's possible to bind your own keys the way you like it
  • Updated and easier to follow tutorial
  • Main menu screen has been revisited - new background and version number in the corner
  • Fixed GUI not scaling properly with various screen resolutions

Version 0.1.7 (04/06/2017)

  • Added death effect - upon death our hero is encapsulated into magical barrier that sends him back to the start of the level
  • Fixed bug with death menu staying after respawn
  • Death menu is now smaller and allow better view
  • Enter/Right Shift spawn knight in normal/blind mode

Version (28/05/2017)

  • Skills like crouching, double jumping, shielding or sword swing now needs to be unlocked by progressing in the game
  • Each skill is now represented by a specific item (crouch - book, double jump - cape, sword swing - shield, shielding - shield) that player will earn by playing
  • Added jump and fall animation - character no longers run in the air
  • Added cape animation
  • You can now jump from shielding (wasn't possible before)
  • Decreased sample count on Ambient Occlusion to increase performance
  • Fixed problem where final animation with swords and shield would fallapart if player died before
  • Fixed quit menu button not working
  • Fixed missing functionality on fifth trial where it wouldn't go to Blind mode

Version (21/05/2017)

  • Complete reskin of second level
  • Added various assets to levels
  • Fixed bug where multiple menus could overlap each other
  • Escape no longer resets the level, but pause the game until it's resumed

Version (13/05/2017)

  • Complete reskin of first level
  • Added mist particle
  • Added flame particle for abysses
  • Added various assets to enrich the environment
  • Fine-tuned Image Effects

Version 0.1.6 (06/05/2017)

  • Added completely new final screens with animations and sounds
  • Resolved issue, where GUI was out of screen on monitors with 16:10 ratio
  • Added names of each Trial in the end of a level
  • Removed difficulty levels from the game as they became obsolete
  • Added new model of a sword for Knight
  • Added new model of a shield for Knight

Version (29/04/2017)

  • Integrated Ambient Occlusion image effect - added depth to the visuals
  • Changed camera setting behind the scenes - not visible for player, but very important for future updates

Version 0.1.5 (29/04/2017)

  • Added final levelAdded character sounds - jump, crouch, fall and more
  • Fixed clipping objects in various levels
  • Fixed Quit Game button not working
  • Leveled sounds to not interfere with main song, thus disrupting beat
  • Fixed abysses where it was possible to look behind the level scenery

Version (22/04/2017)

  • Added scream when falling to abyss
  • Fixed metronome not showing in third level
  • Fixed too dark first level

Version 0.1.4

  • Added short warning flash when trap is incoming in blind mode.
  • Added camera shake when character dies
  • Added camera shake when landing from jump based upon time spent in air
  • Added camera shake when bridge drops
  • Added sound effect to sword swing
  • Added sound effect to draw bridge rope to better recognize incoming trap
  • Fixed bug where metronome could sometime stay even in normal mode when pressing Enter and Right Shift in quick succesion
  • Added camera pan to jump
  • Added camera pan to crouch
  • Removed fade-in trap noise. It could really clutter passages with more traps, making it more difficult to focus

Version 0.1.3

  • Each trap has now distinct sound
  • Each trap has now a short fade-in noise - it should be much easier to anticipate and overcome upcoming traps
  • Sound levels have been tweaked - it should be easier to hear the beat
  • Crossbow trap now reset each time after spawning a knight

Version 0.1.2

  • Display death count in Select Trial screen
  • Add End Level and End Screen
  • Knight now always spawn on ground
  • Cursor is now hidden during gameplay
  • Added FadeIn/FadeOut effects for level change

Version 0.1.1

  • Complete GUI overhaul
  • Unlock knight's skills with progression
  • Torches now have flames
  • Warning cubes no longer stay at screen after difficulty change

Version 0.1.0

  • Windows release
Posted in Gameplay Video

Hey Thuggybear! (great name, btw)

I am happy you like the game. I got a lot of information from how you played the game and will build upon it. So thanks for the video :-)

Also, I noticed that the FPS are rather low. Is it because of the screening software or it just runs like this all the time?


A Knight Never Yields is now free for first 50 people, then we will lock it. If you are interested in something different, go and grab a copy. Also feel free to leave a feedback on the Itch.io page.

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A Knight Never Yields - 3D fantasy platformer game where you have to finish each level twice; once the normal way, second time completely blinded.

Key features

A Knight Never Yields is the platform game where you

  • Play as hero with no eye-sight
  • Use your hearing, sense of rhythm and visual clues to finish each level
  • Unlock new skills to overcome deadly traps
  • Face 19 levels - difficulty goes higher as you progress
  • Get straight into game with simple tutorials covering each aspect of the game

Use your hearing, wit, sense of rhythm, memory and in-game clues to get through each level. Complete all Trials and emerge as true knight - Member of the Order of Blind Knights!

A Knight Never Yields - link to itch.io page