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nevermind! just realized its on your github, im stupid

Hm, I see, if you feel comfortable can you send the project file? i really want to see the interworkings so i can implement it into my game. of course with credit ;)

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Thanks for your help! the one thing im not sure of is how it is constantly increasing in length starting from the frog, are you constantly adding more rigidbodies? 

I really like this!, if you don't mind me asking, how did you create the tongue wobbling effect?

Very nice game with puzzles and great music!



thankyou! i noticed that and ill fix that soon

Thankyou! ill probably get around to that soon!

thanks! might bug fix later down the line!

can be a bit confusing but overall pretty fun with a nice combo added to it. fun game!

Wow, really great game and fun sketchy visuals. definitely deserves more attention. Great game!

geez really interesting and much different than any other game ive seen. not to mention the visuals. great game!

very fun game with nice visuals and nice mechanics, can be a bit daunting at times but over all nice job!

fun little game with good mechanics!

Really fun game with a cool different type of visuals!

yea, can do that lol, thanks!


poop because had n other ideas lol, flying isnt really intended and i might fix it if i ever comeback to it.

Interesting and tricky game!

sometimes hard to understand but quite charming and funny game!

really nice and funny!

Really funny and nice gameplay!

sorry, it can be really buggy with that

no other ideas for effects lol

simplistic but nice visuals and music. gameplay is also simple but makes for a fun repayable game!

Geez, nice graphics and a really fun concept and game, just wish there was more plays on the dice part. over all really great!

Really great visuals and music!

nice gameplay and challenging puzzles!

really  cool concept and great soundtrack. gameplay is really fun too. great game!

really cool game with cool graphics and math!

geez, really nice music and art, reminds me a little of earthbound. the dialogue is funny too. really great job!

wow! really great idea, just wish you could tell better how the die would be influenced. really great game overall!

Undertale but even better! great use of mechanics and good soundtrack aswell!

The art together all looks really good and the mechanics to it are tricky but great!

Really enjoyed the art and how heavy the attack was!

dont know why it glitched out

Really cool mechanics with the music and dic!

really interesting concept and great visuals!

like all the art and love the cats!