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Love the voxel graphics. Plays very well for an FPS developed in a week!

First off, this game is HUGE in terms of filesize. I'd look into audio compression if you get a chance. Usually for games you can compress the crap out of audio and the quality change is still imperceptible. Other than that the game plays really nicely, good work. 

Nice one. Love the little meh faces on the mini zombies. Lots of Vlambeer here. You might be interested in this if you haven't seen it already

Love the voxel art. Nice work!

Really impressive to see a game with multiplayer capabilities in a 4-day jam. Really nice art, too!

Came out really nice. Thanks for hosting this!

Your hitboxes are sometimes a little wonky, but good stuff nonetheless.

Loved the plot twist, which was that there was in fact no plot at all. 10/10

You should take this further outside the jam.

That would be an excellent thrash band name. Conceptually sick af, plus reminds me of that old Newgrounds game Toss the Turtle. Nice work.

Awesome interpretation of the theme.

Nice use of the theme.

This is a really interesting game. Love the super retro style, and it's just long enough not to tire out the mechanic. Great work.

Absolutely fantastic. The expression of cloud-rage was beautiful.

I'm a smartass.

Anyway, game's done.

I'm a smartass.

Anyway, game's done.

This is great. The mouth-laser comes completely out of left field and I love it.