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okay, thats fine, how many is there meant to be? can double check XD

yeah got the end game scenes of them on dtage but theres 4 on the very last page that seem to not unlock at any time XD lo

long time since i played this XD

also forgot how to get the last 4 scenes of the journal and what the throwables do lol

oh, in that case, not been able to get to that area yet, game is like a RPG maker souls like.. talking about hard, the spider drone things, even in the first demo, hit so hard lol

Other than that, i think am still on the island, though thats because i play the other versions of the demo to and there is a lot of changes between them, that was cool to see XD

awesome, seems very interesting so far XD

also when the first demo be put into the game again? lol

how nuch you think has left for the game anyways?

Not including scenes and other content XD

yeah it wont even open for a second, no pop up, not even anything showing up on the task manager lol

doesn't open? or wont open lol

Noriko routes seem to be not working for us lol

after completing the version and getting most scenes, seems the fourth Norika path seem to be hidden from us lol... for the other scene we dont have, its one of the first 'training' scenes on the CG list, even after picking both choices when you first meet your 'trainer' (sorry forgot their name lol), still dont have them all and the detail only says to train XD

tried not to spoil anything XD

this can be pretty interesting though think ran into either a dead end or bug? 

cant get one of the 'training' scenes, any of the 'dominated' scenes, cant find way to avoid the 'enigma' one of the characters gets and cant hand in the 50k that was ask XD

just wondering if they able to be done or they still wip? 

got ver0.4.3

yeah, might be trying to use another control source?

got it to work, seem to only work if fullscreen on title before, after that can change screen size :D

seem the game broke twice... after the start the character wont move at all...

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this is interesting, though what question can you ask her and how you get her fatigue down Edit: never mind, progress, just had no break for 10 days, thats fine lol

tried that but seem the club page just doesn't want to do anything lol

will try again later though XD

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Edit: found bug... no idea why but the bug menu showed up and cant take it away and it makes everything crash, there was the 'manage club' book lol

how you get more into the club? only the leader is in but she wont allow you to boss her around and get more people into the club and shes the only option, kept trying this but even after a game of like 50+ days of joining the club, shes still the only one and still only have no income to get anything, no idea what to do with it and no idea what did wrong so any help on this?

the version is mean to be 925 but the menu says 953...

Tried the free version and its pretty good as an RPG point of view, the fact that you can do anything you like its kind of cool, So through the time we played, ended up not being able to get anyone on the club, this seems to be the only major issue we had, as well as the stop in things to do, may be needing more points but for now, the phone number only thing we able to get, as well as money from those we beat lol.


We Play on ver

Story is pretty good, can basically go through without doing too many of the scenes, most is optional and there is ways around certain scenes. We think we finished the current build though after doing everything we were told, all but one quest is done, the frog will not except any offering, the frog teeth, hair and troll head (they were so hard to get) all does nothing, after doing all the quests, we only had the hair and head left as 'quest items' and not really sure what to do with them at this time.

For the optional stuff... the scenes seem to be easy to get however we seem to not be able to get the 'kidnapped' or the the 3rd characters set of scenes as, for what we know... according to the scenes page, we cant seem to save them, they keep asking us to slay them no matter what choice we pick before the fight.

We Currently.. :
Have a bugged quest, the frog shrine, no matter what we offer the shrine does not react.
Have some scenes that wont trigger or not sure how to trigger, the 'kidnap' scenes.
and all of the 3rd characters scenes are locked out due to us not being able to save them.

Other than the bugs we completed the current build twice, the first as the main fighter and the other as the charm to get the scenes. we are unable to 100% this current build due to these small issues. They seem to be fixed on the later versions as far as what's being said here.

More info, supplying Troll head as suggested, this quest is the only one that cant be done due to this, while it seem to not softlock the game, it does not compleate either.

Side note, if empty text box is shown, try go back as this will not allow you to progress but going back sometimes skip the empty text box.

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Seems this one came first (March) but 'harem of the princess' (First release in October) updates more recent and use different assets, they both the same story so its either, same writer or 'harem of the princess' stole all the attention so this one died. either way, this one hasn't updated since end of last year (two months after the other release date).

After Loading I got an Error 'exception has occurred' ignoring this leads to another, seem to only happen when someone speaks, may be the old save that was from Ver0.1 still in the folder lol

Other than this, story is pretty good so far XD