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Heh, interesting. IIRC it happened while I was crafting something, maybe it added the crafted item before removing the ingredients? I hope you'll figure it out, I encountered it again yesterday. I don't quite remember what I was doing yesterday, but looking at the logs the last actions before the crash was crafting a plant, so it may very well have something to do with crafting.

Nice game, I had a really good time with this. Especially the voice acting is great. Thanks for the experience. :)

Well, it's to be expected with games in development. Anyways, I sent the logfile over, hopefully you can learn something from that.

Created a new topic Crash to desktop

Hey, just bought this and played for a bit. I was doing the normal mission and made it to day 5, when suddenly it just crashed. I'm using the itch.io app on a 64bit Linux, sandbox is disabled. Are there any logs I could post?

Also, autosaves would be nice, I lost all my progress because of this. Still, nice game and the graphics are super cute, I love it. :3