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gg i beat expert

how 12

i feel very uncomfortable seeing those images...

why would you guess veale if you knew there was an "a" in the second position?

im struggling on extended mode, can anyone give tips?

does it really matter if you can use your keyboard?

i was logged out, but im back

i finally beat the game

Am I just bad or is level 23 actually hard?

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Finally, my master project is done! (some things had to be changed)

nah, just skill issue

get a maxed mining village

rrggbb but the roles are switched

weird controls but ok

decreases your stats of it. dont collect them.


reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee finally beat lvl 22

69 april 2120

click here

omg remake of rrggbb

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yay im stuck on lvl 19

took long enough

how beat lvl 13


how change slot

i cant start

sometime i cant move :(

death level pt. 2
attempts: 2

and now 35

also my level is torture it took like 87 attempts

how to delete blocks

now how do i do 11...


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also there's a glitch where if you complete a random level you can go to the next level you were on so now i'm on 9

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aaa i cant do level 19 :(
Edit: i beat 19 and now im stuck on 20
Edit: i beat it! that took like three days...
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any hints on 12? and yes, i have a meet.

Edit: i beat it and now im stuck on 13

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how level eight you cant kill red when u freeze it


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how to do this part tho 

Edit: i got the circle and im still on the same level