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I think that's enough for me xD gotta balance schoolwork with all this as well. Thanks everyone who posted their games!

This game is overall fantastic! A very interesting take on the theme. I will say the tutorial was a bit front heavy, and there was a point where I randomly lost when falling off of a platform even though in previous levels I fell off ones with the same height with no issue. Great game though! I really enjoyed it!

The simple art is actually a bit charming, and the mechanic for the puzzles is interesting to work around. Overall great work!

I'm a bit of a weakling when it comes to horror, so even trying to start the game was a bit of trouble for me xD. However, I pushed through, proceeded to die multiple times, and only nearly screamed or at least whimpered for every single one of them. Great horror game, my sleepless night goes out to you! here's our first ever game jam game. We'd love any feedback you could give us!

The artwork and aesthetic are stellar, and the concept is very intriguing! I did find it rather difficult to go through more than 3 packs of enemies before dying, or having my lady friend die to the one straggler that the other two were blocking me from helping. It's definitely still fun and I enjoyed it nonetheless!

I totally get that, sometimes you just gotta cut your losses and put it out there! xD Great work, honestly!

This concept of a different kind of city management was very interesting, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the medicine together in time before someone died in my city. I think with some polish and some labels on the different ingredients so I know what I'm growing/fishing, this could be a great experience! Great work!

I was definitely confused on the goal of the game, but sometimes launching a bunch of balls around and listening to them all bounce off of each other is satisfying. Give this game an obvious goal and I could play this on my phone for hours!

We definitely agree, but time constraints and college work for all of us made us have to push that to the side in favor of level design and making sure the game worked mechanically. Hopefully next time we do a jam our time management will be better and we can add those sorts of things. Thanks for playing!

I'm happy you enjoyed it! The music not playing until later was intentional, as some levels we wanted the focus to be on the puzzle and we didn't want the music there to distract from it.

I'm in love with this gameplay (no pun intended? Maybe it was), it's a really clever mechanic to make a puzzle game around, and the music fits the style very well. Overall fantastic work!

I love the idea, and the main mechanic was a really interesting take on the theme! The last level did involve me banging my head on walls a little bit just to see where I was, and not being able to see the goal at the start got me lost a bit. The first 4 levels were great because you saw the goal, but had to find your way around what was containing it. Overall great concept and great game!

We would love feedback on our game if you could! I'll make sure to play yours as well!

This was a great game and a novel idea! Personally, the flashing light screwed with me, and the second level was a bit confusing to navigate, but I pushed through and liked the overall experience! Great work!

I love the idea of this game, and it looks very pretty! the gameplay was hard to grasp at first, but I ended up understanding what to do for the most part, and then was overwhelmed with the multi management that it needed. That's not necessarily the fault of the game, my reflexes are horribad. It also did end up crashing on me partway through, but overall great work!

I love the concept of this game, the gameplay was a bit confusing to grasp, and there doesn't appear to be any way to prevent yourself from getting hit by enemies unless you have godlike reflexes. The character design for the main character makes me smile though :D.

That's awesome to hear! I'll make sure to tell the artist and composer that you enjoyed their work as well :D.

Here it is! Hope you enjoy the first game jam game I've worked on!

All the feedback and ratings I can get would be amazing for my game, and I'd love to see all of your games and experience the landscape of my first ever game jam. Post your links below and I'll get right to playing and rating them!

My game, Tunnel Vision:

I gotta say, I love the art style of this game! I do have to agree with some others though, the tutorial kinda left me lost, and the second level left me a bit confused. But overall it's a sweet game that just needs a bit of workshopping and signposting to be really fun! Great work overall.

Thanks a ton! We put everything into this and it's awesome to hear you enjoyed it!