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it feels like a hallucination.

12/10 great game

In all honesty; next build will feature it.

mAc sOoN™


Rules are easy; don't be an idiot.


If you're talking about Beta 5, that most likely won't happen. Currently Ravenfield is on Steam and recieves quite a lot of updates; so all those weapons you happened to mention could come to the Steam version soon. On the subject of multiplayer or LAN, it's not coming to vanilla Ravenfield, as there are quite a few mods making the game multiplayer compatible and a multiplayer fan game being built by Blip Bloop, EaglePancake, Vel and some other modders of the community. 

Rather simple, I stopped developing it because I saw no potential for the development of the game!

owo 5 views

Totally legit.

Totally not a RickRoll.

Shows quite a lot of potential. I suggest making  a tutorial series on YouTube for the engine as I don't really  understand how to use it.

Cet jeu me donne un bon impression, mais le taille de le fichier est un peu trop grand pour telecharger aujourd'hui. Je vas le essayer plus tard.


For the 2x speed bug, I found the cause. It is because the player collides with bullet object, which then falls and the player "slides" on it. This is going to haved to be fixed before 0.6.1 I hope!


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If you read some previous posts, you know that I might  am working on a BIG update. As for maps, I  am planning on building it with modular models (this could mean a level editor or something one day, I don't know whether I could or will even do that!) and would like to know the setting, here are a few I thought of, of course, you can suggest and idea! 


-Space and Earth

-Space, Earth and other sci-fi settings


-IDC about this

-A B S T R A C T

Feel free to post a suggestion and to choose one of these!

--Update 0.5.1--

-Fixed bug where player went 2* faster whilst firing and moving.

-Added rate of fire, rather subtle though.

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Post bugs and stuff here!



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So far, its Gold Hunt ( though thats my current favourite and its only a biassed opinion )!

I like this.


Will there be tutorials to help out the beginners?