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git gud

I find it very sus that "people" are trying to convince me that this game has no virus in it when I didn't even expect it to have a virus in the first pplace /:

K thnx

could you make a mobile version pls

69 Days After community · Created a new topic Yo

Could you add an APK version pls

Sorry for wasting ur time man

I GOT IT TO WORK the problem was that I didn't have enough space on meh phone so every time I tried to make a new game it would crash

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Game is fantastic cant wait for full game And would love to see a gallery

None of those worked either

Damn didn't work

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It crashing when I make a new game is happening again with the new version );

lel it fixed itself

Oh it's fixed

Im on a Nokia 2.1 and meh model is TA-1093

I play on mobile

Every time I press new game it crashes making the game unplayable...

Wait is this game still being worked on the last comment was 2 months ago /:

Niiiice can't wait

This game looks fantastic. know when the next update Rollin' out?