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Very fun game! I really liked the ball and chain mechanic, the physics are very nice and the artstyle is cool, had fun playing it

This game has a lot of charm to it, even funny at times, could use some improvement though

Short but sweet game, definitely could be expanded upon

This game is amazing, the gravity gun mechanic is very well-executed, the way you handled the limitation is very cool, which is how i rate this game, very cool

Cool game! I liked the artstyle, the controls could be better but overall good game

maybe sxdg will make an update 2 to the .executioner?


this looks amazing

FamiStudio community · Created a new topic Amazing software

i like it

this game is pretty amazing, i can see lots of effort was put into this. great job, keep working on it because it has lots of potential!

looks like a fun game and it’s on a 100% sale so i’ll check it out!

amazing! i really liked the new games and the story is getting interesing 11.345/10

quite an amazing game and a cool idea, going through diffirent executable files is very fun, the dialogue is entertaining and the story is unique, can’t wait for more updates and more to come! 10/10

i do not want to be included in this project sebi, in fact i don’t want to do anything with you, please don’t include me in any of your projects, i don’t want to know you

Version 1.6 is here! After many community feedback, the game has been made easier, and a lot of flaws have been fixed!

Fun game!

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thank you sir

man this game is awesome, i like the idea, it’s challenging but also rewarding