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Very cute and addictive - reminds me a lot of those old Nitrome flash games!

Dysphoria isn't easy. It's hard to juggle keeping yourself sane with how awful some people are ready to be - all the while trying to stay kind and strong. You end up fearing total strangers, hearing all the negatives, and weaponizing your own self against you.

It's very much apparent this game comes from the heart - you have to physically "push" intrusive thoughts down, cling to wishes upon stars for small bits of hope, and keep going even while everything seems overwhelming; an all-too-familiar experience for transgender people. Every stranger is a gamble as to whether or not they'll treat you with basic decency, and being alone with your own thoughts certainly isn't much better.

My only real issue with this game is that the text doesn't seem to be too readable within the browser version, at times. Often I'd have to adjust and re-adjust the zoom level in order for text to be clear. In addition, the warning message given within the description should be a bit more detailed - the game discusses suicide and doesn't "sugarcoat" any dialogue/language - homophobic slurs are used verbatim here and with no hesitance.

Should The Stars Have Eyes isn't easy - life moves along at its own pace and expects you to keep up, and all the while you do so, hoping that it all gets better in the end. It cuts deep in the way only someone who has had to deal with all of this would be able to do so, and asks of you not to win, but simply to get through it. It's a bit longer than one would expect for such a simple game concept, but going through Jamie's entire night is worth the experience.

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Absolutely dead in LOVE with these characters - the whole setting gives off a very "carny" vibe and I'm so okay with that. Comedic timing isn't something that I thought could be well-executed with a visual novel, and yet I've never laughed so hard at a little explosion sound effect. Also having a trans girl lead gets all the bonus points.

Very very very very very excited to see what happens with the staff of Smiles Inc. next! Just played this after coming hot off the heels of Fax Vex Puix and I need so much more in any possible form (I'd like to think this would work very well as a comic - something akin to Gerard Way's The Umbrella Academy). Loved it!!

There literally is no randomized option that I'm not absolutely in love with - amazing job so far! Everything is crazy polished for such an early demo!!

Gorgeous. Embraced  the fourth wall while not breaking it. And also has lesbians. I really can't find any words in myself besides a humongous thank you for putting this together!

Oh my god SO GOOD. Loving the art style and what animations there are and the character design. 

I know it's in extremely super-early pre-pre-alpha development but having markers for the NPCs in B1 would be super-helpful in getting downstairs to heal before letting an UNDEFINED completely demolish me.

Also, keyboard support for text entry would be cool - it's not readily apparent that ESC is the "delete character" key at first.

Super excited to see what comes up next! I am absolutely positively 800% down to see where this all goes I love this so much sadflksdljkaksldjkf

Holy hell this was FANTASTICI expected a depress-a-thon and got something equally terrifying and relatable. Often times horror doesn't get me, but [spoilers] that line about "us" actually made me shout "holy shit" - something The Shining failed to do. Great job!

Slightly off-topic: I found that A Silver Mt. Zion's "Broken Chords Can Sing A Little" made for some fantastic musical accompaniment with this.