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Any more patches in the future?

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Finished my Modernizer playthrough, what a pleasant experience! Just one more glitch - the music trigger is bit messy, while It's calm, it plays battle theme, while I'm in battle, it plays normal theme, and usually the music respond to my action - upseting bystanders, despatch enemies..etc, now it's just nothing XD, I can't even tell if I alerted the enemy or not.

Oops, my bad, link fixed.

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Yep, here it is:!RhAWRCwB!fSZs9SedSiQ738SydxIFWgqK2CouyOxnOVCvZDuK4Bs

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Some further issues - Some Enemies don't spawn in certain places, music cuts off  too, some NPC dialogues disappear, for example the first scene of Morocco mission, the couple talk about been in a foreign country..etc, it's silent, and they are suppose to walk away after convo, and didn't happened, maybe some triggers been messed up?  and the two sniper won't show up.  

For ur first question: I'm running the NOLF revival version from  

And my OS is Win10


Thank you! You really solved some of the pesky problem of NOLF! And one more thing, I've tried NOLF on different framerate, it seems the game can support maximum 100 fps without dialogue cutoff or running too fast, I have an laptop with 120hz refresh rate & G-sync, and I creat an custom 100hz refresh rate config, everything is normal and smooooth, So I suggest you can do an option for 100fps limit too. 60fps is playable but definitely not enjoyable.

Hey, find some issues. Every time I try to remap the weapon hotkey, the game crashed, and I can't change between Normal menu and GOTY menu.