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Thanks for playing and taking the time to review! :)

Tried to hack around that same space bug on the night of the due date - didn't work out haha. I would've loved to have some form of tutorial within the game itself, but I had to settle for instructions on the game page.

Not knowing the enemy movements definitely turned out to be way more frustrating than it's worth. Some games like Into the Breach have similar mechanics, but by telegraphing enemy movements they're actually giving the player something to react to. Maybe I should've replaced the enemies with headless chickens - would have been a better representation of how they act!

Thanks for playing! :) 

At the end of a turn cycle the sniper deals damage to a random enemy that's adjacent to an ally. The damage isn't lethal, and I never got around to adding an animation to it. So it certainly doesn't provide a great user experience as is.

While the base combat all occurs in melee, the sniper does more damage with its action when there aren't any adjacent enemies - giving it some incentive to stay out of the fray!