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November North

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Posted in Unity

Well, the game itself is 3D, so...

I think he said when the game is more developed, he re-release it on itch.io.

It will not be free though.

Linux 4.0?

Nope. This is not a multiplayer game.

Posted in nice job

Yea, I agree. Pretty cool game he made.

Posted in Question

Yeah. You can buy it on steam for 16.99CAD right now.

Posted in New Versions

Well he said he will put them on itch.io, but it will not be free.

You can change the controls.

I mean, come on man, it says it is single player on the Steam page. I don't care if you refunded it or not, but I would like to know...

Did you even read the "About This Game" section?

Also, the dev stated that there will not be multiplayer... ever.

You need... to buy it. From Steam.

Oi, it's not that easy to make a game. Especially one that advanced.

Posted in WHY

Well, it's quite simple. He needed money. I think he started working on the game full-time, so he made it $15.00.

It'll be here, but it won't be free.


I think it will, but it won't be free.

If you look around, on the Discord server, SteelRaven's twitter, and the Steam Greenlight page, you would be able to find out that some of your suggestions have already been considered:

1. There obviously will be more weapons, and Beta 6 will have a plane. You can see them in the Steam Greenlight trailer. However, he has stated that weapons will not have customization(Discord FAQ).

2. He will not be adding multiplayer in any form.

4. There will be a campaign.

5. AI is always being improved in some way.

He did say he would add a map editor and Steam Workshop support.


Isn't Steam like 30MB!?

Apparently there will also be a paid version on Itch.io.

He won't. First, what beta testers? And if you are referring to those who played while it was in beta in itch.io, then it still doesn't make sense.

One, there's no way to find out who those beta testers were.

Two, the game will still be in beta when it goes on steam.

Also, the price range is between 12-15$ USD. - Steam Greenlight page and Discord server.

Check Steam Greenlight, it's the next beta.

It will also be released here.

12 Euros would be 12.79 USD.

Also, he said the price would be between 12 and 15USD.

There will be no multiplayer.

I guess buying Beta 6, when it comes out, would be helpful.

Beta 6 in general will not be free.

Well, I know that, but...

It won't be free..

Well, sorry, but it's not...

You probably already know this but:

Planes - In the game. Saw it in the Steam Greenlight trailer.

Map Editor - He said that was coming.

Multiplayer - Not happening. Sorry.

Automatic updater - I'm sure the steam version would have this.

IAPs - .........Well, all I know is that it's going to be on Steam, and it's not going to be free.


Would be the correct link to your profile.

If I remember correctly, the Discord server says that he is working on the game full-time.

About Steam, it will not be free. The price will be between 10-12(or 15?)$ USD. Also, I doubt he would be able to give you a copy because, if he gives you one, he would technically have to give everyone that asks him for a free copy, a free copy.

However- and don't quote me on this- iwanplays, on Youtube, said he would be giving away a few free copies when the game comes out...

So, I guess you can go ask him.