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Really enjoyed this game! Would be awesome to see more of it. (But maybe with a save button or a fast forward button) ;) 

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Clicking z for the pop up menu for what you want to craft can be a little confusing when you click what you want to make but there is no change in the menue. It would be so much more helpful if the option you clicked would turn a different colour and the menu closes itself one you have selected an option. That way its more streamlines, less irritating, its its easy to check which option is currently selected if you forget.

It would be nice if customers would come more frequently. Its a bit boring to serve a customer and then have to wait by counter, just staring at the door for another customer to spawn for that odd 45seconds.

It would also be nice if there was a 'regular order' button when purchasing ores and such. If you tend to buy say 15 iron ore and 5grips in bulk all the time, it would be nice to have the option to customise a 'regular order' so you could just click that instead or having to sort through the different menues and click 20 times for the stuff you want.

Runing game 0.0.72
When working on the bench to attach grips to blades, sometimes the weapon bugs into the bench and gets stuck. I find ths happens most frequently when the weapon reguires a guard. So its almost always the swords that get stuck. When the guard attaches to the blade, the blade is always attached to the direction the guard is facing and often end up stuck inside the workbench. Then the whole sword gets stuck and its difficult to unstick.

Im not sure how to attach the screenshot. Sorry.

Easy to replicate by attaching a grip to a guard ( so you know which way its facing) And connect it to the blade with the handle sticking up, and the connection site to the blade facing downward toward the workbench.