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Fun concept! I feel like this was intentional/planned, but it was interesting to see that only being able to select boxes that you can see (with no way to shift the camera) made the decision-making for what boxes to link and which one to be the base of everything tricky (in the sense that you could softlock yourself out of being able to deselect a box if it's not close enough), especially with Level 3.

A very small nitpick, but perhaps the level mechanic that lets you pass through walls could be renamed to something like "power level" or just "power" to distinguish it from the levels in the game.

Neat game! I like how each movement and the percussion sounds from said movements are done to the beat (which after realizing this, caused me to spend a moment jamming before returning to puzzle-solving, or at the very least I wasn't in a hurry to solve them and had something to do while thinking of solutions, haha) and the concept of "sokoban, except you can't push/move blocks around unless you're connected with them" is cooool.

Lobbies and rollback netcode? Good stuffs! :D

Geez, this is a pretty cool and fun concept! (Both the jam and Add to Odd itself!)

Oooo, this is an interesting concept! 

Interesting game! I like the slots + match-3 mechanic and how it can lead to chain reactions, as well as the way the game flows from "oh hey, this slot machine thing is kinda neat" to "oh gosh, now I have to return to that slot machine...and it's not just a 'for fun' thing anymore..." Haven't experienced any moments of gambling addiction and I don't mean to trivialize the feeling for anyone that has one, but Ludopath feels like a good glimpse at how such an addiction could arise.

Neat game! I was intrigued by how the vibes kept shifting from relaxed to frantic and back to relaxed over and over, after a while I really started to get into the zone. :) 

The game is currently available to play in browser in you're still interested! 

This is pretty cool! :D The bottom-right symbol (a line separating two L-shapes with a dot on the bottom L) was tricky to get for a while but eventually I got it, noice textless puzzle game~

Cool concept!

Oh wow, I never thought depth (game mechanic-wise, if that makes sense) could be achieved with just 1-dimension! Very creative game~ c:

This was very sweet~ c:

111ish days later and I finally looked at Cinco Paus. Thank you for recommending the game to me, I really like it! :D

This is a coolio mashup of turn-based asteroids and snake! I like styling/atmosphere (general graphics, semi-random sounds that are made when the player moves, VCR-like effects, etc.) a bunch. c:

I like the hacking mechanic and the cool combination of roguelike and bullet hell! :D

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Thought it was pretty cool to have a mechanic that isn't based on grid-like movement but is instead its own thing~ .u.

Wowww, this game is fun! I like how it's fairly easy to learn and play, yet difficult to master. I also found myself in several situations where I wished that there was a way to skip my turn, though if that's to promote using potions as a pseudo skip turn function, I understand that. Lastly, the UI and overall presentation looks very clean and stylish. :)

This is a coolio concept! :D Hope you're able to expand on it more in the future~

I've crossed the niqs for a bit and there were a couple things I wanted to inform you (the developer, I mean) aboutttttt.

For placing links, maybe it'd be a good idea to make it so that you're able to press a button on the keyboard to add a link to the tile under your cursor then use another button to be able to clear all the links, just so the player's not distracted with clicking outside the screen and whatnot (though the current way of placing links could stay anyway, mouse-only controls feel very intuitive).

And heh, while on the subject of advanced stuffs, I noticed that when Moniton asks the player to do a speed bonus cross in the advanced tutorial, she kinda interrupts the flow every time the player doesn't go fast enough. ("So close! But not close enough." "You have the right idea, but try to move a bit quicker this time." (etc.)) I think it'd be better if (she only does that once and after that,) a small message from Moniton appears on the bottom of the screen reminding the player that they should go faster instead. I dunno, I'm only saying this because after Moniton stops talking, there's a delay before I can start moving pieces again, though this change would still be coolio~

Lastly, while playing Crossniq, I realized that sometimes the "Hurry up!" text doesn't appear and the "3 2 1" countdown text along with their warning beeps don't play either. I dunno if it's a problem on my end or yours but it's been pretty consistent for me.

Meep, that's all. I'm excited to see where this game'll go next~ OUO

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Wowsers, I like the trippiness of the game! Whether you're collecting a pickup or advancing to a new level, everything feels so flashy and fun. Even though you ran out of time for Compo, you should be proud of Mushroom Délicieux because it's awesome! OUO Congrats!

I like the aesthetic of this game, reminds me of jmtb02's stuff~ :) The concept of the enemies and their bullets moving at a speed related to the amount of bullets you have left is also interesting.

Aw geez, thank you for taking a look at my game, (and all of the others, that's really kind of you!) I admit that my explanation on the game's site isn't all that helpful and I apologize for that. Maybe I'll try and create a tutorial in-game sometime instead of it all just being text. I didn't bother to try and put one in at first since I was under the assumption that the jam would be over in a couple days (because for some reason I thought I'd have to show what I have so far for a bit, then start updates if I wanted to a while after) but once they extended the time limit I just.. wasn't feeling in a gamedev mood, I guess.. ;w; But yeah, thanks again~

..Understandable. :o I didn't have enough time to make a tutorial for the game when I did the jam (or rather, I did, but then they extended the timeline but I didn't feel like adding to Hit). I wrote up the instructions on my game's separate page over here if you weren't aware but if you're still unsure of how to play, I apologize.

Neato~ Yeah, it'd be a bit more difficult if the dots were the same color as the background.. :P

Heh, coolio game. The background changing color every now and then was a nice touch. c:

This is awesome! :D Everything from the design of the game to the animations look nice and the melding mechanic is interesting. Nice job~

This is a pretty nifty-looking game! I like how you were able to incorporate the electron bonding rules into this, which means it'd kinda qualify this as a bit of an educational game?

Yeah.. Hang on a sec while I go tell my science teacher about this. :P

But honestly though, nice job~

This is pretty cool.. c: If you don't mind, I'm going to go ahead and make a list of things I noticed in the game..



-It's simple, easy to pick up and play, and really fun :D

-Cute minimalist graphics

-Random weather changes

-Ability to select a player color


-No arrow key movement for 1 player (not too big of an issue..)

-CPU would get the ball stuck sometimes and bring the whole game to a halt (..again, not an awful thing, but something that slightly bugged me)


Not much else I can say except I'm excited for what's yet to come and I wish you luck in the Kid Jam.. OUO

This is a fun game! I love easy to play, hard to master stuff. c:

Heh, checked it out and I think the blue tank could use a break from shooting red tanks. :P Would you add him as a Bit or myBit?

Heh. CS:GO without the CS:GO. I like it. :)

Not just saying that because I can't aim

I'm glad you liked the game! c: Yeah, multiplayer would be cool, I just need to think of different powerups and whatnot to make 1v1s or a score battle interesting..

Awfully nice of you to write these mini reviews, NohatCoder! :)

Yeah, I'll assume that there's no voting or ranking, just a bunch of games made instead of a bunch of games watched, heheh. :P

Whew, this game really calls for fast fingers.. >w< I like it.

This is pretty cool~ :) The rotation feels a bit too fast/sensitive, think it might just be me though.

Heh, I have to say, the method you used for unlocking games is very clever! :) As for the five games themselves, they were pretty easy to pick up and hard to put down. >w< I really enjoyed the journey through all of them (even when I had a bit of trouble trying to get a B rank in Big Brother and Charging Panic, I just cracked under pressure a lot, haha), the graphics and music were beautiful , and it was all done in Pico-8?

Simply amazing. I can't wait for volume 2 (if there's one on the way)! OUO

My Scores:

Descent: 523

Lightener: 1127

Big Brother: 120

Charging Panic: 84

Chroma Cannon: 13338

Cool game! :)

This game is really interesting, I could see this having potential outside of Pico-8 if you ever had any plans to do something like that~ :) ..That aside, I like the concept and the clean look of blaast.r.

I like the strange, static-like style of the game. .w. Humor's pretty good too~