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Thanks for the review, very glad you enjoyed it!

The soundtrack will be made available, once a few more tracks are added and the composer (trapuh) is satisfied with it all - he's a bit of a perfectionist!

Thanks for playing! You make some very good points; it's true the difficulty is a little on the hard side (did you know there are two levels?! I think no one has heard the second tune yet!), that will take some tinkering to get right.

The beam... yeah. Undocumented "feature" you can press < and > to cycle through different displacement maps. It's not as polished as we'd like.

Thanks again for playing!

Thanks for playing! Which was more frustrating - level 1 or level 2?

Thanks for your feedback and support!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm very glad you enjoyed playing it.

We've just added an update which makes it even easier to keep track of the möjö, playing characters and a few other UI bits and bobs, as well as a mini tutorial!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve it, and making the greys stand out from the crowd more is one the list!

Thanks for your input! A mini tutorial has now been added to help players get started.

Thanks for the feedback! I have added a mini-tutorial to the game which should help you understand it easier at first :)

Lovely graphics, really fitted together nicely.

I'm not sure the positioning is spot on as sometimes I definitely had the block in the right place and it still failed me.

While playing I was concentrating on the bottom of the screen, and just glancing to the top to see my progression in the song caused me to miss a block - maybe the notes counter could be at the bottom?

I did love the bit at the end, replaying the song - that was really nice and a great touch.

Easy enough to get the hang of, tricky enough to keep me playing. Very addictive!

The line-art graphics are nice, it feels polished and I'll play it again!

Great soundtrack, great fun to play! Really enjoyed it

Very nice! Feels very slick, the music is well-integrated into the game.

It feels like a nice progression, being introduced to the bass (hehe!) and then getting double jump, etc, it's great fun to play.

The game is polished; nice screen transitions, nothing jumps erratically, it all fits well together

The graphics are very nice, this is really good fun! Good job!

Visuals are very nice and the music fits very nicely; it feels like flying around a Roger Dean poster!

The actual gameplay is extremely limited; there are no real clues so you're just flying around randomly.

Other than sounding good and matching the graphics in tone, the music doesn't seem to have any purpose in the game.

Looks like a really nice concept!

The graphics and audio are the strongest parts, and both work very well together. The music is great.

I found it quite frustrating to understand what was happening at first - insta-death when you are hit by an enemy; and it goes right back to the title screen without explaining anything.

Similarly, there is no feeling of reward for killing enemies as they just disappear off the screen.

The jump mechanics are very "floaty" and feel a little clunky.

I don't think this game would take much, just a bit of polish, and it would be great fun.

Quite fun for a simple concept; love the pixel graphics but the pre-made textures backgrounds don't really fit it.

Easy to play, jump straight in and you're away!

More oomph needed to mark events in the game - hitting, being hit, levelling up - these events should have a bigger audio/visual impact.

I liked the music, it fitted well in the background and added feeling to the experience.

The game idea looks sound, and the pixel graphics are very nice. However, it doesn't really seem to be a full game yet, and just spam-pressing buttons matching symbols which don't do anything... meh.

I hope you complete and update this, I'd love to see it and play it when it's further on!