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i don't like how the recoil prevents the player from blocking when the shuriken flurry is going on. if you get hit once during it, it's like an automatic game over. Like as if the game tries to prevent players from winning in an unfair way :/

very nice game! it feels like there is only the game over and multiple ways to get it and only one way to survive. i've tried every option! was this what you meant by unique endings or am i not doing something right?

"be careful, my child could get hurt"

shut up karen your kid isn't fighting demons

i love the game and have a suggestion. Maybe when you are promoted, the verbal warning counter is reset? just a small thought, have a nice day!

that epic moment when you trip over a bucket and fall face first into the grill

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Harry what the heck.

(we call the real estate agent Harry-)


very very glitchy.....

Thanks! i think i'll go with Nova, and her nickname'll be Lulu

my newest creation! i need a name for her. Comment your suggestions

don't look back throughout your play through


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what do i do with the bear trap in the 3rd house?

Edit: nvm found out

that's perfectly fine! take your time dear! ^^

2 preferably :)

of course! i would love it if you did! ^^

won first try! alright!

i got both endings and i just-

hold on lemme ask mom.....

she said no


adorable bean ^^!

smol bean

omg that's adorable! how is everyone making such adorable creations????

perhaps they could be friends


This brings the feeling of adoration yet also fear

omg that's adorable ^^

it's a bit of the look i was going for

Thank you so much!

this is Eleanor :D

if you don't mind me asking, could you draw my creation Eleanor? sorry if she's a bit complex-


y e s

i feel as though i may have finally experienced the emotion humans call fear

i love this game, and i love the idea of worf x desmond, but may i bring your attention to....





Worf x Ash 

Slime x Mermaid 

Cyclops x Rude Cat

Sheet ghost x having enthusiasm

SD x H.Burger 

Lover x Thomas 

That's all i can think of rn. I literally made this account so i could comment on this-