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She's getting some nice guns. Nice tease; not letting us use the SMG more -.-

Impressive camera and audio work!

*sprinkles some bonus content*

pick up...

the phone...

Intro voice is first impression, needs consideration. Very nice art, atmosphere and minigames.



If someone can't play, at least watch


what a story...
(1 edit)

so rare to see the retro live action style

Should have read the instructions...

Faith... failed...

well well well

Beautiful. I had audio problems starting with the 2nd level unfortunately. gorgeous art and sound and sweet minimal storytelling.

very hectic, very gritty, very cool music and art

avoid the baby lady..ies

You give me too much credit. The trickery that you speak of is not the kind of trickery that I in fact used =|-v-|=

tried out the door. found nothing. made a video.

The game is hard too... here's how to handle it!

The number of secrets and easter-eggs is amazing


The new ending explore

Freakishly fantastic

it ain't easy being greasy

impressive aesthetics

5th ending: wait 24hrs?

"Permission fixer for Mac and Linux" might help

What a feeling. (26 minutes of retries were deleted from this video)

very nice style

creepy... slow... lovely characters and concise text..

cool music! cool voice acting! oh the controls and the slowness though

Hu- ha oh hu ki hi ah oh

(Translation: Cool voices, cool game)

Tricky at first. RTS/DOTA pros will blaze through this.

A very nice atmosphere...

Don't be too curious...

pretty much what I expected to happen

So much easier than the original

I could not stop playing...