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interesting! i hope to see more from you!


Hey no worries, we do have lives outside of the internet, so youre good! cant wait to play the 4th game!

i didnt get a friend request from you 

 If youre needing a female voice actress for you game, message me here or email me at or discord: Nosilla#6786

Hello, if youre still in need of a female voice actress, i sent you a discord friend request.

Hey everyone, my Name is Silla, im looking to help voice act characters for your project, i am relatively new to voice acting. 

If you like more information you can add me on discord Nosilla#6786 or email me at 

Or DM on Twitter @ItsNosilla

Thank you! 


This was fun!

The game broke on me, many bugs and I couldn't retry when I died, but here's a jump scare for you.

I really enjoyed this game, i wish it was longer though :/

Tried playing, died, went to retry and kept saying i was dead, this was after i got the cowg wheel, i found a few bugs throughout the game. 
I really wanted to play it, but i just couldn't as it wouldn't let me :/


This was fun! i'll be playing Sucker for Love: first date, soon!

(3rd game) Was fun...also, I'm now deaf.

i got it on my wishlist on steam!

I could only get 2 endings, but it was fun! thanks!


Played the trilogy, I enjoyed this trilogy very much, good job! 

I tried playing last night, couldn't grab the key that was on the couch in one of the rooms upstairs.

Cool concept, really well done for only 2 days work. The poor puppers though 🥺 

The camera was a bit weird to me though....

The ending ..... holy shit.

ok just added you on discord

anytime! Ill be sure to play the next update 🤪

Game 2: kept forgetting about the clipboad and wondering what my next objective was, but i manage to keep going. The ending got me 🤣🤣

Game 1: The atmosphere was creepy, it is the same layout as "ghosts of tomorrow" i noticed. The peephole was suspensful... the Aliens on the otherhand... o.O huh? Good concept though!

Game 2: looks promising. Good work. Id personally stay away from constant jumpscares, the phone ring with the scream wasnt necessary IMO, either the phone ring or the scream would be fine. I personally dont like games that rely on jumpscares, it takes away from the story and just gets annoying, but good work!
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This was good@

This was good!  I normally dont play these games because it gets me dizzy and nauseous, but wasnt too bad, i really enjoyed it! Nice job!

Game 2: interesting! I liked it!

Game 3: very cool! Nice work. The ending was quite the twist.

game 1: The toast popping from the toaster scared me, and you damn right i ate some toast too. I wasnt expecting this to be the update 🤣🤣


Here's my gameplay, yours is game 1! will be making a an video for the update soon! Greetings from USA

youre welcome! You were funny :D 

You'd be surprised, a lot of people love silly games like these!

i just finished editing my video and now i come back here and there's already an update, looks like i need to go up against the murderous toilet again.

I must say, i love the voice acting in here, the main guy is a complete ass, and I'm here for it.

also, is no one going to talk about the donation goal? LOL  
i love your humor!

i'll post my game play soon!

neat little point and click puzzle game

Loved it! cant wait for part 2~

(your game is the second game) I hated every second of this, my anxiety was through the roof lol.
Very good for only being done in 4 days!

nice short horror game