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This is pretty cool! The art style is very unique and the game has a lot of polish overall. Good job!

This has quite a lot of potential! I would like if you could see the level for a few seconds when it started so it wasnt just guessing most of the time, but this could be expanded to be something really cool. Good job!

Wow, this game really surprised me! At first the mechanic seemed like it would get old and run out of interesting puzzles, but with the addition of the edges teleporting to each other, the game has an absurd amount of depth and potential! Definitely underrated submission.

Wow, this is a pretty cool one! It's very challenging as the bullet seems to predict your movement sometimes, and has a sort-of gravitational pull towards you. Nice job taking this simple concept and making something special out of it.

This isnt exactly the most original concept ever, but its definitely polished, responsive, and fun to play. Good job!

The controls were a little confusing at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. Really neat concept, great work!

This is actually pretty fun for pretty much just being avoidance! The camera was a little disorienting sometimes but I got it used to it. Good job!

Well this game made me feel some interesting emotions. I'm not sure if there was a way to beat the level but if there wasn't then thats actually pretty funny lol. Good submission!

Wow this game is VERY difficult, but feels really good to play! The deadly trail adds a lot of strategy. Maybe adding one extra jump in mid-air would balance it out a little better, but other then that this is a great and unique game.

This is really fun and the gameplay flows super smoothly! I love the story a lot as well lol. Good entry and I hope you get more recognition!

I agree with the others that it's a little hard to control, but I bet just putting in some practice would make it much easier. The concept is really interesting as well. Good job!

Pretty cool! I wish I didnt have to hit the button every time I wanted to move a space, but that's a pretty minor complaint. Cool game!

Feels super good to play with a really original concept! Awesome job!

I love the concept that you're the monster getting chased by the knight, that's really clever! Camera is a little disorienting sometimes but I got used to it pretty quick. Good job!

Wow, the artstyle is incredible! Controlling both characters at once is extremely tough though, not that that's a fault with he game. Great submission!

Wow, this is pretty in-depth for a game jam! I love how you can customize your character at the start.

Not bad, I had the same problem with the controls not being explained, but over it was pretty good!

Super trippy but really cool! One of the more unique games I've played.

Interesting concept, I love the control scheme also. Good work.

Pretty funny and nicely polished. Well done!

Pretty interesting concept, the green light mechanic is actually really clever and has a lot of potential. I'm not too keen on the randomly switch lights between white and green, as the delay seems random and impossible to time, but it's usually not a problem in most cases. Other then that, this is quite a fun little game. Good job!

This is a really awesome take on the "one bullet" gimmick! It's very crisp and easy to get the hang of, and has great sound design. The bullet is a little tough to control sometimes, but I guess that's part of the challenge. Great entry!

Pretty fun, sound design is very good for a jam game, and the choice to purchase something at the end of each level is a cool system. Not exactly original, but still pretty neat.

This is a pretty cool little adventure game. The connection to the theme doesn't really have to do with the game play in particular, but it's your own interpretation so I don't see anything wrong with that. Good job! 

Definitely simple, but an interesting reaction/reflex timing game. Good submission!

Pretty neat concept, I love the color scheme and focus on a single mechanic. A lot of potential to be expanded upon.

This game is actually addicting! My fingers hurt. Super polished, awesome job!

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed. I'm probably gonna fix some things and upload it as a polished version so if you do come back to it, keep an eye out for that. Thanks for playing!

Ohhh, I didnt even realize that lol. I take it back then this definitely fits the theme. Great submission!

Cool concept! The 1 minute time-limit is a bit of a stretch for the theme but it's very fun nonetheless

Wow this is one of the best I've played so far! The sound design and visuals are on point as well. Great work!

This is a pretty crazy concept! Does take a while to get the hang of it, and the puzzles are still very hard once you do! Definitely one of the more unique games ive played so far

Interesting and hilarious take on the theme. Well done!

Really polished and fun to play!

Really responsive and easy to control. The items were a little hard for me to understand sometimes but I got the hang of it. Good work!

This is a pretty interesting concept, I wish the game moved faster but I get it's only supposed to be one frame per second. The tile-based movement system that everything has to abide by creates some interesting puzzles. Good work!

Pretty awesome bossfight with good game-feel! It's impressive how much depth and things to do could be achieved with only one button. Good job!


Okay this is definitely one of the best feeling games I've played so far. Perfect amount of screen-shake, and everything feels responsive and smooth. The theme seems a little far fetched, as one color is purely aesthetic, but it's fun nonetheless.