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nah it's fine, don't worry

Oh ok, and I must of missed something about that ending you said.

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I read one singular comment, and saw the words guitar hero, is this anything like it? If so I'm interested [somewhat, as the story doesn't sound like my cup of tea].

(Btw if this does have charts is it possible to convert them or something to Clone Hero?)

is there any backstory towards "the cure" ending? Also Is there something off about the dog on a certain part off it? One video I watched on this censored part of the dog, another didn't (if this is like something better off not knowing for reasons [like gross or smth], then please inform me)

ok I was dumb and forgot to play it, I got distracted Playing Clone Hero, and sorry no, I don't post on YouTube [Atleast for now]

Oh, i’ve Been forgetting, been playing Clone hero every time I use the laptop, sorry i’ll Check it out on Saturday

I might send you an email at some point about these as I can’t buy them but if I got these how would I put these in discord and what other apps and stuff do they work with?

Oh ok, I just wasn’t sure lol

So is the LINE stickers thing like a real sticker sheet?

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Pretty sure an online version exists somewhere, but you can’t get mods on those ones.

Nice to see it’s started development

A Tabletop Simulator version sounds like a great idea tbh

Played it for around 2 and a half hours yesterday and got to chapter 7, just wow I love this game, it's so cute and great I'm absolutely enjoying the story too, once I get the time I'm most definitely continuing the playthrough, this is genuinely one of my favourite indie games so far

True, good luck

Do you plan on having every (known/possible) Tesla drivable in the game?

oh ok

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And I do know what i’m Talking about, I actually decide to research and learn before coming to a conclusion. The only reason funky Friday etc are on Roblox is because it’s a well known and popular game and those Roblox recreations Censor it a Lot.

The creators afaik have said the game isin’t a kids game, if you haven’t noticed Funky Friday and Basically FNF 2: Remix are censored a lot, genocide from Vs Tabi has to be renamed because of Roblox Guidelines and the actual FNF does have a few mature references here and there.

IOS can’t happen, it’s practically impossible unless someone Jailbreaks/hacks their iPad/iPhone, and he wouldn’t be allowed to publish the game on the AppStore either.

Up to you


I already know who you are

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perhaps you should add a option for Kade input (if there isint already) along with the HD blammed Gunshot dodge mechanic (But Maybe In pico and philly aswell) and have the HD winter horrorland poison effect in Monster and Winter Horrorland, and maybe make pico’s spritesheet playable pico’s spritesheet (would probably require a bit of coding since you’d be adding 2 spritesheets since week 5 & 6 and swapping the normal ones) and fix his offsets when playing as him (If Modding Plus Hasn’t already done that) since pico is probably gonna be playable sooner or later and maybe add Ritz in Debug aswell, Sorry For a bunch of (unoriginal) suggestions, just thought i’d Suggest them as it would make the game more interesting

looks cool.

I’ve asked them and they gave me permission, expect a Download soon-ish (hopefully) I do have to chart it so it may take a lil’ bit

I don't have Twitter but I found their YouTube (from your video of the OST) when I can, I'll ask them there.

I still remember back when you were working on it on Gamejolt 

Also do you mind if I Chart Ost #8 - Pretty In Pink in Clone hero?

Even though i’m Asexual this just looks to cute and cool to ignore, it just looks so darn cute

I haven’t played this yet but by looking at the zip files name this looks like it’s made in Modding Plus, am I correct?

This actually looks cool, shame I can’t play this with anyone, would you consider making a pc game out of this?

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Is Periwinkle in this?

Is this still getting updates? If so can I suggest a character? It’s Golden Baldi From Five Nights At Baldi’s (r.i.p fnab cause Flash is dead which is what it ran on)

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So I know Flash is dead and all but was Flash ever capable of running a game Like Baldi’s Basic’s? If you were able too, would it be possible to (somehow) Get this running in Flash or a modded Version? And will you release a HTML file for this so perhaps people wanting to run this via browser can do so by opening it and the browser would run it without the player opening the page manually? It would be a preference thing I guess. These were a couple random thoughts I had lol.

Yooooooooo, it’s out

That doesn’t mean anything, you do realise that a lot of stuff on Basically fnf and funky Friday are censored and is missing everything except the songs.

(I know you’re Being sarcastic) But That reply kinda bugs me as I have about 70  copy’s of that, I had this idea for anyone wanting a new experience.

So wait, is the game you found a prototype ps1 game that never saw the light of day or a fan made thing?

Windows guide (don’t have a Mac)

1. Download (already done cuz you said)

2. extract the .zip file

3. Go into the newly made folder after the extraction is complete

4. Run DDLC.exe

5. Done, you can now play

It’s a pc only game, there is no apk for Android and it’s not on google play or Apple App Store