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Thank you for the comments! So glad you liked the little details, though I maybe put too much time into the small details instead of building the bigger ones haha

We kinda played fast and loose with the definition. We aimed to have a robot building a medieval town with some added modern structures.

This has gotta be one of my favourite entries of the clicker jam! The sound feels industrial and ominous like I imagine being alone in space would be. The various stats and graphics all shown at once on various screens was also very thematic. The balance and pace of the game also made it much more digestible than regular clicker games, which I appreciated. :)

Had a bunch of fun with this! Overcooked as a clicker game, I liked it a lot. I found myself bouncing between so many interfaces it even had a bit of a Papers Please feel to it, surprisingly stressful!

I had this too! I like to think that the bug forces us to dice the veggies julienne style :D

Love these adorable little hellspawns! The whole concept is very cool, skipping the innocent stages that clicker games often begin with. Also loved wiping out the dinosaurs! They had it coming.

The full release of Foul can be found here!

So happy to hear you liked it! And thanks for the playthrough video, sorry about the tricky and hard-to-see bits of the game!

V0.2.0 patch notes

I don't intend to patch this game often. This is a small patch of mostly QoL improvements, which I wanted to share early. The next time I update this game, I intend for it to include the full narrative.

Targeting improvements

- The crosshair doesn't get temporarily stuck in the wrong state anymore

- Hitboxes on NPCs have been adjusted to be a little easier to select

Inventory bug fix

- Empty inventory slots can no longer be selected


- NPCs can now respond to your actions in ways beyond just text

- More failure dialogue added for when you use the wrong item on an object, you silly goose

Pause screen

- You can now pause with Esc/P and quit the game via this screen


- You can now crouch with Ctrl/C! Your face can be that much closer to the ground now


- Materials and lighting have been adjusted throughout

I hadn't thought about that, thanks for the advice. I've uploaded an alternate .zip file now. :)

Very kind comments, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it

I've played a bit of Elite Dangerous and there's always a certain charm to the feeling of being utterly lost in space. I really enjoyed this game for that same sensation. Fighting enemies is neat, but I just like hurtling through the vastness of space in the little shuttle. Really well-executed game and great use of the 64x64 limitation!

Absolutely golden satire, right through to the end. I loved your writing! The gameplay is like the Overcooked formula, but it made me more stressed and made me angrier against our capitalist overlords for imposing such conditions on us. I will admit that halfway through the story, I had enough of trying to stay on top of orders and went on a full murder spree to the end. Salads just crossed a line for me. 

Checked out this game after your LowRezJam entry. I'm a big fan of runner games and this game was a delightful challenge! Movement controls feel really on point, but I did find I needed to be sprinting 90%+ of the time in order to stay ahead of the red wall of doom. My version of the game had no audio sadly, so I can't comment on that, but I was really excited to hear what the game would sound like to pair with the cyber vibes. Also, I really liked how the levels included moments where I'd have to move parallel or near-parallel to the red wall, it helped to remind me of the stakes and my imminent death.

Straight up cool af game

This is a greatly use of the 64x64 limitations. The camera movement feels a bit jittery, but I weirdly like it, makes it feel more like a shaky, adrenaline-pumped rampage. The health bar moving based on camera location is a really neat idea that I've not seen before. Also big ups to your partner on the music, I loved it.

Really fun gameplay loop, I could play that for a long time with some more levels and monsters. The animations and effects were really cool too. I think they slightly break the 64x64 authenticity, but damn if they didn't feel good.

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Brilliant! I had a lot of fun playing as this little guy. Scope is always an issue I have too, it's a hard lesson to learn! If you continue and make the remaining levels, I'd love to play them. 

Also the music slaps

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Thanks for the feedback, clarity is something I will be aiming to improve on. One thing will be, as another player suggested, a crouch button that will help with finding the smaller, low-down objects, like the rat you need to use the rock on. The gameplay was inspired by old school escape room games and the narrative/aesthic was inspired by a mix of things, like Return of the Obra Dinn and Thief.

Glad you liked the concept and thanks again for the feedback! :)

Grimace is a reaction I'm happy with! Thanks for the feedback, I certainly want to add more ways to feel the space of the room too. Old school point and click escape rooms were the big inspiration, a genre I miss!

I really, really liked this. The aesthetic was a delight and I enjoyed exploring the dungeon. I found all 3 secret rooms, but with only a slither of health and some enemies left in the final room, I didn't dare attempt the secret ending! Combat was interesting, but I struggled in rooms with more than 1 enemy, so my only criticism would be more agency in combat. Overall I really enjoyed this and would happily play some more. :)

I think I won? Hard to tell in such a bleak atmosphere, which I absolutely loved. Excellent game!

Man I am bad at volleyball, but the spikes always feel really good!

Worth noting, I didn't finish the game in time! The narrative cuts short and there will be more interactive elements in the finished product. :)

Hi! I'm really sorry about that. I had some trouble building with a certain plugin, but I've uploaded a new .rar that should work now. I hope you enjoy the game!

V1.1 Patch Notes:

The tower now has collision in all levels
The player can no longer pause and unpause the game while in a fail/retry state
Sam's Discord credits now include his ID number
Cutscenes are now stored locally and should play correctly when triggered
Access to debug tools should no longer be available to players

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If anyone wants to beat some dev best times, here are mine: 

Level 1 = 10.5
Level 2 = 9.5
Level 3 = 9.0
Level 4 = 13.9
Level 5 = 56.3

Really addictive game; I kept pushing to complete more holes. Couldn't beat them all, but I had a great time trying.

This is the kinda game I'd wanna practice and really learn how to use each attack style. I love it!

I like this idea a lot. I really wanna be able to roll the dice myself, kinda like a reload!

Excellent art and music! The rythm genre is turning out to merge quite well with other genres.

I love the concept, reminds of The Car or The Honking from Futurama. I'd love to see more of it!

Same here! Made for a very spooky vibe.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game and thank you for your feedback! I'm not sure why you might be experiencing some lag, but I'll look into optimisation techniques so that it isn't a problem in the future.