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Nordic Journey Maker

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Glad you did. And thanks for sharing!

Glad we could get you a bit.

We are glad you recorded it and shared. :)

We are looking at, how to structure a linear game so there is a good narrative flow. Thanks for all your feedback!

Glad you had a good time with the game. I briefly described what a dramaturg is on your youtube video. So if others want the answer, they have to go to your video. ;)

Thanks for replaying. Cool you found the extra secret ending.

Glad you enjoyed it.

It's a videogame... Thanks for playing and sharing!

We will be back, when we got the answer. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for being the one that got scared by the door.

And just because we are a little crazy, we have three secret game projects we are developing. ;)

India is a long way from where we live, so we are glad to hear from you. We went for a more atmospheric horror, so that is why there are not so many jump scares. The plan is to put out a full version of the game next year, if all goes well. Thanks for all your feedback.

You think... so? :)

Thanks, ReapeeRon.

Thanks and welcome to

Thanks. Appreciate your thoughts.

Vi er fra Danmark. So there is a chance we will understand your Swedish cursing. ;)

We are glad you liked it. We will watch your video this weekend.

Thanks for sharing.

We have never played Neverending Nightmares, but we have seen it before. It have some great artwork

We have been doing some small tests for the "real" game. For example, we have worked on how we can use the camera to create a more creepy atmosphere.

Thanks for all your feedback. It helps to watch and hear you play the game.

Glad we could get your heart going. Cover images are not what we are best at yet. We are starting to experiment a little with it now. Have you seen the new one? What do you think about it?

Glad you enjoyed it. I hope you have recovered.

We are glad you enjoyed it. And we have updated the game, so now you can crawl in and become a beautiful butterfly.


Yes, it helps, just as your video helps us. So thank you for sharing it with us!

We expect to watch your video this weekend. My best friend is a huge SALAD FINGERS fan, so am excited to watch your video with such a title. ;)

Thanks for the nice words. They are very nice to get.

We are in the process of testing for a possible successor to The ER, which will be a "real" game. So longer with more story, more creepy things and more surprises.

We haven been watching you and have made some changes...

Thanks for  fill out the questionnaire!

Thanks for the recommendation and sharing your video.


Thanks for sharing your video. It is a sinister cover picture you have on your video.

And we were also a little surprised that we were suddenly number 1 on itchio, but we enjoyed it as long as it lasted.

We are glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for sharing your video. Always good to get some video feedback. 

Your character remind us of our first boss in our game The Night Christmas Ended. If you read this before someone else, here is a steamkey for The Night Christmas Ended, so you can see the first boss yourself:


Damn you can speak fast! You made us smile a few times, thank you for that, and thank you for sharing your video with us.

There is more than one new secret. The game is basically the same, you can just do a few new things that can make new things happen. I don't want to spoil anything really. :) But, a hint to one of the easier new secrets: What happens after the end credits are over?

Thanks for sharing and a big thanks for the rating! Most people forget to rate the game here. Looking forward to watch your video later today.

Thanks for the feedback!

Du må venter på efterfølgeren for at få svaret på det. ;)

Thanks for sharing your video!

Thank you for your thoughts on having no arms. :)

Thank you. You will maybe see more. We just have two other game projects on the plate at the moment that we expect to announced at the beginning of the spring.