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very nice game, keep updating!

Great game! i love the style it uses!

откуда ты знаешь?

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i found some bugs in my tool after publishing, and also i want to add new features to it. is it allowed to update a tool after publishing?

thank you very much! it is so nice to see feedback on this project!

nice tool!

nice game, keep updating!

nice game, my high score is 12

very nice game, keep updating!

very good game, also i founded bug. one time i won a level and after wining it my screen was spamed with win messages and i completed all levels with this bug.

amazing work, i like this game :)

very good game, hope for more updates!

very nice game, my high score is 1750

you could add jump pads to the game!

i agree very good game i love it!

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fixed now!

very cool, i love retro games!

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thank you, i will fix this bug in the next update!

very cool game keep updating!

nice game my highscore is 17!

cool game, and cool physics realization!

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cool game!

nice game!

cool game, my highscore 12!

i found a bug, if you spam down at first door you can pass through it.

cool game, i like how dynamic it feels!

nice game!

not bad for the first game, keep updating!

i agree! very good game!

nice platformer :3

look what i draw!

OMG VERY COOL GAME, hope it will be in trends!!!!!

VERY cool game, but also very hard can you make it easyier plz?

cool and difficult game.

XD idk what to say.

very cool game, nice and cute :3

this game is very simple, but also very fun to play!

very cool for the first game :

realy nice game with interesting mechanics!!!