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cool, cant wait this game finish

This is cool, thanks dude :3

Yes I will, hope I do not forget to do it XD

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Awesome this is cool, I will used this asset for my project :)

mantap memang pro anak ini, sudah DO saja

Hello, sorry been busy lately XD

Thanks love you enjoy it.

Literally it just clicking until the game done and all the cat profile is complete.

Wow awesome :D I will watched it

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Cool, looks like RTS, but I can not control all my troops when they already face enemies, pretty unpredictable yet fun :D

All my troops are dead because I just wandered around the map, lol.

Congrats, I heard you make the game using C? Wow that's awesome :D

Thank you :D

Yeah the music was perfect XD I got it from opengameart

Sure, I will check your game. I just woke up lol XD a few minutes ago.

Luckily I finished the my simple and mini game :D now time to sleep.

Hello guys :D this is the game I currently work on, it just the view XD I hope can finish the game before the times over. I did not create the sprites, I just download it for free from here

Thanks :) I just started making the game a few hours ago XD

Hello Guys, been busy lately so I just jump to the jam XD Hope I can make it before the jams end. I plan to make Idle Social Media games :D

Thank you for the feedback :) we will look further into the issue. By the way what do you mean in the error question below the image?

Thanks for playing an reviewing :)
I will polished it again, thank you.

Thanks for playing the game and including this game on your video. :)

I'll watch it now.

Thanks for playing the game :)

Yap I am realize the bug after I uploaded the submission :( I will try to fix it after the voting end.

Thanks :)

Thanks for playing the game, love to hear you enjoying the game.

Yap there are some bug there. Thanks for the suggestion and sharing your knowledge, that's a good idea I will try it later.

Thanks :)

I love it CAAATTS!!! :D 

pretty cool and interesting idea, great job. looking forward for next level :)

I love this game, pretty cool idea and I love the perspective change. sadly the control are a lil bit hard. Good work :) 

Hello, simple but interesting, the fast decision mechanics is make it more fun. I love the random level selection.

In my opinion, the random level make the difficulty level different, It can directly jump to the hardest one. It makes the game pretty hard to finish. May be you can make the player wait for a second so they did not hit any collider before the fade screen finish. And on some stage it need some improvement.

Overall I love this game, really fun and challenging :)

Thanks for playing the game. I see a lot of bug still exist there and need more improvement. Thanks for you suggestion I will consider it in future development. Thanks :)

I am confuse playing this maze game and the puzzle too. May be because I am not really good at puzzle game lol.

I just wandering and discover some of the mechanics there and since I lost track I dunno what to do and where to go. I have no idea how to use the inventory.

Overall, I think this is an interesting game, I love it.

Thanks for playing the game, yap I agree with you to increase the click area. I gave the click area just around its head.

you can assume if the backward is part of surprise :p because I also surprise of it, lol.

Yap, I just realize it recently for the bug in the second stage, but since the submission is closed I think it's not eligible to edit it now, I will fix it after the voting.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the replied, so I decided to make into 4 people in the team. Sorry for the late response :)

I just read the page here and know if the max team member is 4, but my team already have 6 member. Is it ok?

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Thank you.

I will polish the game and add more level on that. Thanks for your advice I think I can use it for the next time I polish the game :)

Thanks, my pleasure looking forward for the next GDQ.

Thank you, At first I have no idea what is quantum physic  after reading and observing I found an idea at some hours before the deadline, so I just put the wall manually no design. I will fix and design it next time :)

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Thank you, honestly I just put the wall manually because I do it at some last hour. I will design it next time :)

Thanks for included it in compilation video. Hope I can finish the game :)

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Log 5

I've done the AI, But I have new issue about enemy turn, don't know how to fix it yet but I will try to fix it before 11.59 AM. Beside it, I join GGJ too so I must manage my time properly.

Thanks, I am doing the game in my stagiare free time. Hope we can finish the game on time.

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Log 4

Has been a while since I update the log. Here what I've done for now, I finish control for moving player with mouse drag. I use a lil bit math, it's truly fun although it's simple. here it :

Δ mousePosition = mouseCurrentPosition - mouseLastPosition

force = - (Δ mousePosition x speed);

Image :

The rest is the AI for the opponent and show an arrow when the player or opponent charge it's force. So, it can show which direction the player or opponent will move. and the other is the asset.

Log 3

I've done the movement for the player, but still need some improvment. So, other thing to do is the mechanics for charge the power with mouse drag and AI for the opponent.

Image :

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Log 2

We've done the core of the game so we start to make the asset. While AllexDee make the art, I make the prototype of the game. We use pixel art in this game and simple stadium for the competion place and 2 character for both dog and cat so the player can choose one of them.


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Log 1

I want to do this yesterday but I felt dizzy. Ok here is it
We talked about what kind of game we want to make. And i got an idea but not sport, that's AllexDee idea to make it became sport. and we start to make some simple mechanics and talked about the control so the control will be like slingshot in Angry Bird you click your player and pull the cursor and release it so the player can go to the opposite direction of your mouse and hit everything in front of it even other player.

Image :

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Hello guys, This my first time join a jam. Me and AllexDee will build this game. I hope you like this :D and looking forward for your feedback, it will help us to make the game better. so here our idea.

Title : Paw Champion

Genre : Sport

Description : You will choose your side between Dog and Cat Team. Pick your side and become the Paw Champion to gain food for the eternity so you do not need to worry about food after that. Paw Champion is a 1 vs 1 Hockey competition between cat and dog.

Image :

Note : I never play hockey before lol XD

no problem, i will search again. thanks looking forward to ur games :D

That's awesome :D ur first game seems awesome man. Do you have team?