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A member registered Sep 30, 2020

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i never clicked off screen and i cant move

ive tried everything

teleporting you up

i love how this game a few months old and has an active community, that's something very little indie games can accomplish

ive been using the music and it still wont work

rip and tear

candice fro phineas and ferb

great game! i would love to see a longer version!

im pretty sure this was an old flash game

anyone got tips for lvl 11?

mystic mod

i can assure you, this game is not as deep as you make it out to be

get a sense of humor before playing games or you arent gonna last long

i just never paid my taxes and did what i thought was funny

i wished i had the option to dump all of it into memes and shitposts

i am also, jeff bezos

i got it by doing whatever i found funny, i enjoyed that run very much

Its supposed to be a funny game, chill tf out

it doesnt even start, just stays on an infinite loading screen, i have tried everything



you're not even the dev so idk why you'd care anyways

1 this is from almost 4 months ago so idk why respond now, and 2 i was gonna give full credit and leave a link to here but nevermind i guess

this is my new addiction

decent game, i enjoyed playing but it is a jam game made by a single person so...

I normally dont play stuff like this but the demo looks pretty nice, i like it

fun game, sadly i died when green bloop was introduced

This make me go yes :)



ill try that then

this is a lot of trial and error and i really like it

very nice game

thx i got it

fun game, only problem is i cant get through lvl 11 no matter what i do

i got 1191

i finally won, after all this time

the subway one doesnt work for me, im clicking and its doesnt do anything

idk, i just like the word no


you're welcome!