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Any feedback, suggestions, or anything else, post here!

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Please report any bugs here.

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Feel free to discuss the game here, or provide feedback and new ideas.

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Game Modes:

Solo - Make your way from the beginning to the end, pushing buttons and moving across platforms and through doors, while destroying enemies along the way

Conquest - Survive the given time limit or customize your own rules, it is a wave and round based survival mode. destroy the enemies and don't run out of lives to win.

Multiplayer - Still experimental, typical deathmatch, first to 20 kills wins. Only works over LAN currently.

Sandbox - Not available right now, but will allow you to create levels using the same tools and sandbox elements I use to make the other modes and levels.

Replay theater - Not available yet, it is what you think it is.

Created a new topic Gameplay How-to

Cube Ninja! is a game all about moving quickly and efficiently, A la Quake.

You charge up your inner power, and use it in a number of different powerful ways: Aerial Smash, Lateral Dash, Super Jump, or Charged release attack. Each move causes damage that correlates to your charge level. A charge level of 1 lets you perform any move, and up to level 4 lets you cause serious damage.

Chaining these together into combos will let you move the quickest and most efficiently through a level, while Smashing and Dashing your enemies.


Movement - WASD/Left Joystick

Jump - Space/A/Bottom face button

Charge/Attack - Left Mouse Button/ Right Trigger (Hold to Charge, release to unleash, click or tap to do simple attack)

Dash - Movement direction + Charge Release

Smash - Charge Release (while in air)

Super Jump - Charge hold + Jump

Charge attack - Charge hold then Release while standing still

Created a new topic Cube Ninja! FAQ

What is Cube Ninja! ? - Cube Ninja! is a retro-themed Action Platformer with some puzzle elements. It is being developed by NonLocality Software.

How far along is Cube Ninja! ? - Cube Ninja! is in near the end of its pre-alpha stage right now. This means that most of the core features are implemented in a functional or semi functional way (about 80-85%). The game lacks content, but right now we're focusing on core features and functionality

Does it run well? - I'd say it runs very well, it seems to perform well on even the lowest end machines. This is something we're determining here.

What features work right now? - That's what we're determining. The solo and conquest(survival) modes work in their entirety. they may lack pizzazz and player feeback, but you can play a level from beginning to end.

Multiplayer is a bit more complicated. as of right now, it only works on a LAN connection. not very useful on pc, I know, but hey: it's a work in progress.

The sandbox mode is under heavy development and is not available right now, but will be the focus of a lot of later development.

The replay theater is not implemented at all, but all the other modes need to be completed before any effort is put here.

Player customization is limited, but works, and can be saved to the default profile. this will be expanded as time goes on.

And of course the core mechanics are fairly polished, but will be continued to be tuned.

How do I play Cube Ninja! ? - There will be a separate thread detailing the gameplay functions.

Can I share with my friends, post on social media, etc? - in short, yes. As long as you aren't publicly bashing the game, we really don't mind. If you post about bugs, please note that the game is still in development, as not to lower expectations for the project. Constructive criticism is always welcome. If possible, link to our social media pages, NonLocality Software

How Much will the game cost? Can I preorder? - this has not been determined. NonLocality is dealing with a lot of industry negotiations and can't determine that right now. I imagine that as we move into Alpha, and closer to Beta we will have more definitive answers.

When will the game be ready? - Stick around and find out, We were hoping for the end of the year, but depending on feedback, probably Mid 2017