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Ah! Finally, the full version is out! Bought the full version, with the same tip I gave during V4. Many thanks, Mminit!

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Glad to see balance changes for stances are on your to-do list.

Huh, I guess you are right in terms of how items are working out. I guess I never took into consideration about the 5 item limit for balancing, but since items were almost always appearing after I got the adventure outfit, it never crossed my mind.

It's good to know that status effects will be more abundant.

Oh! That's basically what I meant when I talked about multiple monsters showing up at once. The way you did it with the worms was the general idea I was thinking about. Basically just add more enemies that show up in pairs/groups. I guess my wording was confusing. Sorry about that!

Actually, if you plan on holding off the more hardcore scenes for later on into the game, that's perfectly fine by me. Gives the players more of an incentive to finish the game, and makes it that much sweeter.

BTW: Love the detailed patch notes. Keep it up!

Was looking for a game to catch my interest for awhile, and ended up getting more than I bargained for!

Truly a game that I hope sees a final version! (Hope the 10 dollar donation helps!)

Despite the gameplay being interesting and fun to play, as many may or may not have already said, the game difficulty, unfortunately, is a little too easy. I've read this topic for quite a bit, and have noticed that people have made some suggestions here and there, but for the most part, the number 1 indicator that shows why the game is too easy is that turning encounters to high makes it so that everything you need to do to succeed in the game will be laid out in front of you so long as you participate in every battle. With the only exception of the very beginning posing a bit of a threat, the rest pretty much plays itself out because all the exp required to succeed in boss battles will be obtain along the path to the boss. No tracing back needed, and so long as you level up your skills when possible, you'll always have the tools necessary to succeed.

So what part of the game makes this game so easy? :

- Stances. This is easily the most powerful tool at the player's disposal, and the fact that it doesn't require a turn to change stances makes it way too overpowered IMO. After the stances are maxed out, it's way too easy to sway a losing battle in your favor. For example, just for fun, I made my character start the current final boss battle with 1 hp, no clothes on, no items, and with only enough LP for the initial first aid use. Ended up finishing the battle fully clothed with max hp. The stances themselves also have too much benefits with not enough penalties. That ends up making sense towards the end with all the leveling up and exp, but even at the beginning, the stances are too powerful to ignore.Defensive stance ensures that battles are never lost, and offensive stance ensures all non-boss battles are won in 1 to 3 hits. If there is going to be a challenge in this game, these stances need quite a bit of balancing.

- The 2nd most powerful tool in this game probably has to go to regen. A passive that automatically turns on and stacks with defensive stance's hp regen means that all the healing you'll ever need will be granted passively, rather than needing to use hp items or first aid to heal yourself. As long as the player doesn't mind a lengthy battle, defensive stance with regen ensures that the player will always outlast any enemy in a fight. 

- The last powerful tool in this game are items themselves. The fact that they require no turns to use is powerful enough, but with the clothes you get later on that allows you to increase your chances of picking up items basically means you will always be stocked and ready to go for any battle. 

What about the monsters themselves though? What can be done to balance them out? :

- Increase hp on the mobs in the middle of the game and at the later portion of the game. Right now, the easiest part about farming in this game is that offensive stance turns monsters into butter. Unless if the player has farmed considerably, this type of farming shouldn't be so easily accessible. (Unless if that's what you're aiming for in the game)

- More status effects. The poison, sleep, and confusion status effects were great! But I feel like more monsters should have access to those status effects. Especially since the upgrade for first aid becomes available later on, that cures status effects.

- Possibly multi-monsters? I feel like another way to step up the difficulty in this game is to make it so that multiple monsters have a chance of attacking you at once. This also has the added benefit of providing gangbang scenes in this game. (If you're into that, which I know I am. :P)

I feel like another big way to balance this whole ordeal is to make it so that certain skills are not accessible during certain stances. (This kind of suggestion would really only work out if changing stances took up turns) For instance, the fact that the player has access to all of these buffs and debuffs (Like yell, taunt, and uppercut) while using defensive stance means that they can ensure that any tough battle can be endured while applying the necessary buffs/debuffs to win. Basically, there ends up being near 0 risk for applying all yells/taunts/uppercuts because defensive stance's increased defense, hp regen, and defensive stance's hp regen makes it all safe.

- (Similar to above, this suggestion only works if changing stances would take up turns) Make it so that offensive stance have access to all major offensive abilities (Strike, heavy kick, uppercut, heat, tackle). Defensive stance would get all the debuff and heal skills (strike,first aid, taunt, yell). Normal stance would have access to ALL skills, and Lewd Stance would only have access to LP skills. Although, I'm just throwing out suggestions here. Balance it however way you like in this particular situation.

Another thing I noticed in this game is that all the boss monster in this game do not have grapples. (Either that, or I'm extremely lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it)) I feel like bosses should have unique grapples in this game, such as making it impossible to re-equip your clothes, or cause the player to become more lewd, preventing them from performing actions. Plus, it would have the additional benefit of providing more eye candy for the players. :D

Finally, I think, despite the popular opinion (I think it's the popular opinion) of +1 HP max being overpowered per battle, I think that particular characteristic of the game is fine as is. I feel like all hentai games need some pathway in order for all players to enjoy the game, and if something is inaccessible due to difficulty, this offsets that by giving the player the option to fight more battles to proceed forward into the game. 

Well, with gameplay out of the way, lets move onto the next topic, the grapple scenes. (This will mostly have my personal tastes thrown into this)

Overall, I'm very pleased with how a lot of these grapples played out throughout the game, my favorite being the living vine's attacks. All the traps in the game also provided some nice scenes for the game. I guess if I had one question to ask here, it would be how explicit/lewd do you plan on making these grapples/scenes in the future?

The reason why I"m asking is because I've noticed that there are a lot of "potential" grapples not being used. For instance, I noticed the spider lady doesn't really do anything during her grapple, but an easy way to spice that up is either give her a strap-on, or make her a futa. (Either decision would work) I've noticed the stone and ice golems have no grapples, so possibly give them stone/ice dildos to work with. (How you position the player during those grapples is up to you)

As mentioned earlier, I feel like some multi-monster action would give this game another step-up as well, and also mentioned earlier, boss grapples are always a nice addition, no matter what hentai game you play. Since this game is still not finished, I'm sure you have a lot of ideas up your sleeves, so I won't make any specific suggestions here. (Unless if you want suggestions for those)

Despite all the criticism and suggestions I've written here, whether you implement any of them or ignore all of them, I'm pretty positive I'll still be able to enjoy the final product regardless. With that being said, I plan on doing a normal-stance-only run and seeing if I can reach the end. Thanks for the amazing game so far!