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One of the best little dungeons!

Oh, so I’m dumb, and i didn’t maintain file naming conventions. The current file is indeed called nuked_1.1.pdf. it should allow you to download it for free. If the problem persists, can you shoot me an email at and I’ll get it sorted out.

No, they are not. It’s a listing of all of the fonts used in D&D books along with examples. Some of the fonts are free, like Futura, but most are not.

Just wanted to see if anyone had any useful design resources to share for this. Things like cover templates, or commercial use font recommendations.

I agree!

Honestly, exactly what I was hoping for. This jam came about because I needed a Dying Earth/New Sun style skyscraper and someone joked that I should just host a jam. And you seem to have made exactly what I was avoiding writing!

This looks very rad and I’m looking forward to reading it!

Yeah! Curious to see what you’re putting together.

I would be a terrible person to define this, as both these terms see some varied usage. But to my knowledge generally, OSR refers to an “Old School” style of play modeled after OD&D, B/X, and AD&D. The OSR was a movement seeking to return to that style of play, by recollecting and reorganizing the original rules, such as OSE, or Labyrinth Lord or new games based on the sensibilities found in those older games such as Cairn, Knave, or DCC. One of the features that unite these systems is that they are vaguely compatible and that published material can be written in such as way as to not be specific to one system or another and can instead be easily adapted to any similarly styled game. So to write a system-agnostic adventure is to write one with no assumed system, but rather a description of a fictional space that can be easily interpreted and run in any other OSR system. (in this context)


Just wanted to see if there was anyone who was in need of, or interested in extending the dealine? I had initially set it somewhat short because I wanted to run a submission in an upcoming game, but those plans have changed, and I don’t want anyone feeling like they don’t have time to contribute.

Yes definitely!

All I really care about is that it’s a ruin of something from the world before, and that you have fun.

:) aww, thanks.

NUKED! community · Created a new topic Layout Underway!

The game is back from editing and has been sent out for layout from Sam. Really looking forward to what comes next. Check the Discord for WIP updates in the future.

Some folks have asked, so I figured I’d make a post about it. You do not have to charge for your submissions, you should, because your work has value, but this is not a requirement.

Not quite, the total you roll on those die is your new HP, if you happen to roll under your current HP, instead of losing HP, you just gain 1. This makes it so characters with low HP are more likely to gain HP than those who already have lots still get something.

NUKED! community · Created a new topic FIRST GOAL HIT!!

So excited we were able to hit the $700 goal! The game has been sent off to the editor! Once we get that back we can get it to layout and then into a fancy PDF for everyone who backed. From there we get to work on making the print version happen!

Hey everyone, Mac here! We’ve got an updated version of the ashcan copy for you that includes revised armor values and some updates to the Perks & Mutations! Not a lot of major changes, just a few “quality of radioactive life” improvements.

As of this posting, we’re at $635.00, which puts us pretty dang close to our digital goal. Our next steps are to reach out to our editor and get the ball rolling on updates to the text, grammatical fixes, and all that fun stuff. After that, it’ll be on to layout, which we’re very very excited about!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has supported us, both financially and by sharing on social media. This has been something NondairyGiant and I have been working on for the better part of two years, and we’re beyond stoked to be giving it a nice polish!

NUKED! community · Created a new topic Discord Sever!

Come hang out at our new Discord server. We may be looking to do a few one-shots if folks are interested.

Yes please! Feedback is always welcome. If you would prefer to keep it private, you can email us at

NUKED! community · Created a new topic DRAFT v1.2 Uploaded.

After some fiddling and re-working, we have made some changes to the game.

  • The roll over/under has been simplified to just a roll under.
  • Kombat rules have been changed for a simpler, bloodier, experience.
  • Vehicles have been simplified as well.
  • The Perks/Mutations table has been trimmed down to 50 total. We cut away some chaff to let the best ones shine
  • An encounter generator and updated enemies.

Still to come is a web-based SRD with Character and Encounter Generators.

(2 edits)


NUKED! was written by Mac and me in 2020. We got a ton of playtesting in and were very happy with it. We intended to release a properly laid out PDF and get it printed, but life and the pandemic got in the way. Now, 2 years later, we have decided to make our plans a reality. We have, however, grown a bit as players, GMs, and designers, and as we prepare to hire an editor, we have been re-reading and re-jiggering a few things about the game. Be on the lookout for an updated draft in the near future with changes to Combat, Vehicles, Gear, and an added Encounter Generator.

Very rad, looking forward to more.