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There's an error screen after the line "Well,let's start the story"

Amazing already

Oh I don't think I did. Let me go back 

Will there be a John route since he said "Would you even dance with me?"

wow this is good already

I hope this is in a future episode 

It's probably just me but Syd looks a bit like RuPaul

the next game will cost money right?

I hope they do something in a chapter 

Whew child that poly route with Nasir and Kol

So does the sex png link uncensor the cgs? Btw the link doesn't work

I'm in love with it already

Whenever I try to save my data an error screen shows up

XD I got the name references.

I hope you have a speedy recovery and take as much time as you need.

Ooh yes

When's the next update?

I liked this update. I hope we see more of Chad and maybe have some scenes with Sam.

Is this only for patreon?

Will this ever be updated?

I love the characters so far and Marvin is hot as hell. I can't wait to see more

I don't see the pc download for chapter 3

Chad is so hot and I like that he actually enjoyed the kiss and hope we csn do more with him next update

This game is amazing.

It works now


After I unzip the file I can't find the game application.

I'm glad Caleb warmed up to Jake. Now I can't wait until chapter 3. When does it come out for everyone?

Where can we find the RPA files?

Okay thanks

I can't find the 3rd flower

I can't wait for chapter two. Jake is hot and I wonder if Caleb will warm up to him.

What's new in this update?

an error screen comes up when I try to save my progress

So if condemn Flynn the only choice? Also do Flynn and Carl have a thing?


It's amazing. My favorite is the caveman thing

I laughed throughout it especially at the end.

Just spend time with him and Adam but don't be clingy. It got his route on accident when I followed the Adam route.