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It's amazing. My favorite is the caveman thing

I laughed throughout it especially at the end.

Just spend time with him and Adam but don't be clingy. It got his route on accident when I followed the Adam route.

I like this. I hope you make more.

How can you do better in the press conference. She only only said "it didn't go that bad"

I got the last ending but I'm not sure how to get the 2nd cg

I replayed it and ended up with him

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I gave Carlos attention and I follow your post but I still didn't end up with him

It crashes after the main character goes to see the freaks

Ok thank you

After I get past the line "Yeah.I think you hit it for sure man."It takes me to an error screen  that says "Said you were bi"is not defined. Any ideas what the problem is

It works now

I'm using pc

When I try to run it after I extracted the files it says "It's missing"

Everytime I try to play it the game says "Could not execute"