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Yeah Minit was a big inspiration. Glad you liked it!

If you find it hard to execute the tackle, then try to press and release one button at a time, as you don’t need to hold any buttons to execute it :)

Thanks :) Glad to hear you like it!

Simple and fun! Love how the seaweed and bubbles gives so much life to the game.

Not at all! I would be honored to :D

Like the concept and found it funny that the shotgun shot confetti. Though the platforming felt a bit stiff and frustrating sometimes.

This game scared the shit out of me. It might not be that involved gameplay wise, but it builds tension amazingly through the broadcast and atmosphere of the house. I was constantly on edge, fearing what creatures might sneak in. My only complaint is the ending (Spoilers:). Seeing the (not so creepy) ghost flying towards me for multiple seconds before the jumpscare completely shattered the tension I had. But everything besides the jumpscare is amazing. 

Would love to see your thoughts about my game!

Hi and thanks for the review! There's sadly not 2 player support in the game. The "engine" I use, pico-8, is a fantasy console with some major restrictions to encourage making small, retro-style games. That menu you just saw was the default pico-8 menu every project gets automatically.  But your post made me think, and 2 players support sounds super cool! I might steal that idea for a post-jam update ; )

Nice game. I like how you start with no bullets and have to run around the stage to find them.

him 😳

(game was fun, but winding up the shot was a bit tedious)

I love the style of this game. It was pretty hard but very fun.

A fun little adventure game.  I liked the dialogue and ending and the art is charming. I can see that it was a bit rushed, but it was still a fun little experience.

Visuals are great. Love the wave effect when shooting ghosts. My only problem is that its hard to look at the UI when its to the side like that. 

I miss variable jump height, especially when trying to dodge the ghost, but other than that, I think that the ghost/shotgun AI is great. Its a clever little game you got here.

Died at level 15. I think I encountered a bug where I would only get the same upgrades after level 5 or so. Super fun in the late game with max attack speed and lots of bullets.

Thank you for the kind words! And yeah I can see how the bullet spread might be too low. 

Game looks fantastic, love the colors. The song is also quite the banger. Thought the game became too hard too fast when you have to defend multiple machines while avoiding enemies, collecting coins and purchasing ammo. But the art, music and sfx are absolute gold 👌. 

This game was super cool! The jumpscare looks  amazing and really got me good the first time I saw it. I didn't fully understand how the corners worked, but I figured it out after some testing and re-reading the tutorial. 

The difficulty really spiked for me at level 3 when the spikes where introduced. I also struggeled with some other levels, but that might also just be me. I like it, and the art is cute.

Great work on finishing the jam! Excited to try out your game!

The game was very confusing and frustrating in the beginning (probably as intended), but damn I grew love this.  Learning how this wacky world works piece by piece by trial and error feels amazing. Stumbling across secrets and connecting text-snippets while trying to understand what happened to this place, is very satisfying.  And I can't forget the visuals and music... they just really completed the experience.

This game was an adventure. 10/10

Impressive doing 3D with the restrictions of this jam! I like the added challenge of trying to hit the other bikers while dodging the trees.

Thanks :)

A bit too hard in the beginning, but very well made!

I was a bit hard to understand how the game worked, but I found out eventually. I like the slight horror elements and the monsters are pretty dope looking. I didn't feel like the dice theme was implemented that well though. Good job anyways!

Was a bit hard to understand in the beginning, but is a very charming game.

I like how it turns into more of a reaction game rather than a puzzle game. This is very well done even without considering the 6-hour dev time!

I really like the dice bomb, but I think it recharges way to slow, and I think the game is missing  some more juice. But I think pico-8 shmups like this are very charming and it had me hooked for a little while.

Thanks for the feedback! Heres a link to a post that shows you how to use mouse in Pico-8 :)

Cool idea. Would love some more visual variety.

I didn't understand at first that you had to carefully drag your mouse over the red lines to cut them, but figured out eventually. The red lines blend in to a lot of the fruit, so maybe you should use another color like white? I love the horror-ish artstyle and presentation though!

I really prefer the long (distance), speedy levels over the ones where you have to slowly roll around the obstacles, so would have loved to see more of those.

(Also the screen size to big to display on my laptop, so I couldn't see the entire screen at once)

Very creative and fun! It gets a bit much for my small brain when the 3-died blocks spawn though lol.

Clever concept, but the camera controls messed me up really hard.

A bit short but fun nonetheless

I love this game's take on the theme! Visuals and music is also great.  I think an endless mode would be a cool addition. Overall great job :)

I had a problem where the games resolution was to big to fit on my screen. Game is fun and the art is cool though.

Very creative, and fun to play :)