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Selfless is such a beautiful understanding of identity and vulnerability. The visual design in this is breathtaking! So happy to see it finished. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Oh no!! Of course the "getting stuck and not dying" bug happens of all times. ;; Thank you for playing it though!!

i was so bad at this, but i'm a lot better in this version!!  The arrows are a lot nicer than words. 

I want to burn in the flames.

I didn't even see the dragon at first.  Maybe true love is actually the dragon?  Maybe love is.... like a dragon?

i meow

Your game is really replayable! I like the particle effects and the theme!

the sound of their screams gives me strength

The game is cool, but your job sounds horrible.. :(

This was so much fun, I loved the music and the flowers.  If someone doesn't know how to turn off a Mac, they might have trouble at the end though.


I found the books! I just got lost trying to find the cart.  I really like the scene's atmosphere though.

Your raycasts are really cool!! I really enjoyed stealing all the art.