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Noel Albinson

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Thank you!

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Interesting concept, right now there is no "challenge"  to the game, just find the items, it would be better with some enemies that kill you if you get close! Fun level, it feels like you're in a computer when you float around sharp turns with a nice complex maze layout! When i played, my last item was not the big one, but a small one, would be cool there with like a laser grid that turn of when you have collected all items but the big one. Nice small game!

Really fun and challenging game! I would like it to show in-game what button you shoot with, and maybe make it so that you can scroll through the colours with the scrollwheel, or is it just me that has a hard time to remeber the buttons and colours! :) Anyway, the gameplay is simple but it really just makes the game easier to pick up and play!

I love the sound effects, it really makes everything feel better! Fun and easy to pick up! Deserves a sequel!

Yeah in the beginning it was a tower defense kind of game, but when i got some walls and turrets to place down the placement was clunky, and the game not fun. when i tried out letting the player have a gun and shoot the enemies it instantly became more fun, but as you said, back and forth repairing walls and shooting enemies gets boring. Thank you for even playing the game!