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Let's say I make a collection of house rules for one of my favorite tabletop games.   (e.g. like this)  Kind of like a mod or unofficial patch but for tabletop games.  Will that be allowed or no? 

E: I think the word for it is Homebrew because it's not an entire system just some changes to an existing one.

Thank you for the reviews everyone! A couple of things I want to address:

  • I named the game "Survival Horror" because I wanted it to control like an old PSX/PS2 era survival horror game.
  • There was no sound because Windows is a lot more finicky with my internet for some reason, so I couldn't get any sound to download in the last few hours of the jam.
  • The control scheme wasn't thought out very well, as Whalicorn said, 4 buttons at a time is too much, but I would've made them less clunky if I wasn't rushing to finish and did some trigonometry. Oh well...
I'm not trying to excuse all of the flaws in my game, I'm just trying to clear up why it's named what it is and why things are the way they are. I'm going to take the things I learned from this and use them for my next jam (one of them is to not use Game Maker so I'm not locked to Windows, lol). Thanks for the feedback everyone!

You're not alone there. I feel the same way. Games now feel like another art form for pretentious people to push their agenda on. I just want to make video games.