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I'm so happy this is still being worked on! Very curious to see where this goes :)

Hey there, I love this game and everything currently in the works! I just have one small gripe, and wanted to bring to attention that many intersex and transgender folks consider "futa" or "futanari" a degrading slur. 

I see it used most often in reference to trans women and certain intersex individuals. These terms are used a lot in the NSFW space, and it makes myself and my other trans friends very uncomfortable seeing so normalized.

This doesn't affect my support of the game, but please take into consideration how word choice can have an affect on current and future players of your games 馃挏


Please don't refer to people's skin tones as "flavors".

Oh my gosh, that's horrible... I'm so sorry to hear about the dog. I'm glad that at least had a home that wanted her before her passing. Also screw the people who laid you off. I swear some people just have no empathy. 

I'll gladly support on Patreon when that gets released. Until then, best of luck and please take care of yourself 馃挏

The direct link worked, thank you so much !! 鈾

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Not sure why, but the download keeps failing :( I get as as far as the google download page and the download started up on my computer, only for it to fail and give me an error message about 1KB in. I have plenty of disc space so I don't think that's the issue...

Other than that, it's not giving me any information besides "error".

Is there something else I can try? :(
Also thank you for all of your hard work in this update!!! I'm so excited to play!

[Be warned there's some SPOILERS for the game here, and also a long winded thank you to the author <3 PLEASE PLAY THE GAME !! 10/10 wonderful experience if this is something you are going through rn. It feels so validating.]

Three years ago, I stumbled on this game. I thought it was very visually striking, and I wanted to bookmark it to I could play it later. I didn't resonate with the concept of wanting to change my name, and was happy with the gender I had been raised to believe I was. But... for some reason, I felt drawn to the title. And I didn't want to lose track of it. I remember thinking to myself in my head, "[deadname]. My name is [deadname]." And I felt confident in those words.

For three years, this game sat on my virtual shelf. 

Two years ago, at 3 o'clock in the morning, I was still thinking about a light hearted joke my friend had made a few weeks prior. They made a comment about how I gave off non-binary energy, and wouldn't be surprised if I came out one day. I laughed at the time, but it struck a cord with me. It took me some time to realize it was because they were right.

Two years ago, at 3 o'clock in the morning, was the start of a very slow, and somewhat painful journey of starting to discovering who I was. And as of about 6 months ago, after realizing I was uncomfortable with my birth name, and trying out some new ones, I think I finally found one that resonates with me. (It's not the same one I have as my screen name for privacy reasons.)

For the past few months, I've been considering legally changing my name to my true one if it continues to stick with me. So when I stumbled on this game again, and played through it, I finally understood why I immediately clicked with it three years ago. Finally, I'm healing the wounded, closet child inside of myself.

Thank you so, so so much for sharing this beautiful experience. Writing out my name again, and again, and again made me feel so much more confident in who I was, and yet I was struck with uncertainty every time. But... it was beautiful. It felt real. The conversation with your mother not understanding but being supportive of you changing your legal gender as nonbinary too, just hit me so hard... I had a very similar conversation with my mom in therapy. I cried a lot playing your game, and I'll admit, while writing this comment as well. The artwork is beautiful, and everything was put together so nicely. I'll definitely be sharing this experience with my friends, in the hopes they'll play it too. <3

Wow, this was extremely well written and powerful.

Super proud of the artistic improvement !! You have come a long way, I can see how much the anatomy, line weight, shading, etc. has improved with the side-by-side! And I know you will improve even more as time goes on. Congratulations on one year of making episodes!

I felt so validated reading this, and knowing I wasn't alone as well. Most of the obstacles I faced back in middle school when figuring out if I liked girls, revolved around demisexuality. When I discovered the term, and found a label for how I was feeling, it felt liberating.
Thank you for sharing your experiences! <3

It's less about talent, and more about skills that have been developed over many years. This is a common misconception I've seen around many types of creators. I can guarantee that if you put in the time and effort to learn the skills you're seeking, you will eventually be able to do so at a level you're happy with. If it's something you really want to do, you have the power to do so! <3

In the meantime, don't worry about comparing yourself. Because anything you can make currently is absolutely wonderful and perfect <3

Can't wait to see what other games you make!! The team did an amazing job on this game. <3

This is a really good story so far!!! Loving the character development. <3

Bless you comrade, I was having a difficult time finding this myself lol

Ahh, that makes sense. Thank you for the info!! I'll keep that in mind going forward.

Not sure if this a bug, but whenever I download the new version and try to continue, I have to start back at the begining. :( It's happened when the last version was still on my device, also.  

Is there something happening on my end, or something happening with the game it's self?

Thank you in advance for the help!

Wonderful game so far!! I love the art style and how smooth the animation is. Easy to progress forward and the voice acting was a nice touch! <3

OOH that makes so much more sense, THANK YOU!

I'll try my best to find it then.

It's okay, no worries! I should have been more specific- I have tried the Q and B key, and for some reason nothing happens. Is it possible I misplaced a file or something when downloading the game? I have encountered the same issue in both the browser and downloaded version :(

Just wanted to check and see if there was something on my end that went wrong. I'm using firefox as my browser if that makes any difference? So sorry for the trouble, and thank you for your help!

Quick question! I can't seem to get the blaster to work? I peaked at a play through of I think (?) the current build, and it seemed essential to progress.

I'd love some advice! Also, your game is AMAZING!! You've both done an amazing job, I've played for at least 3 hours straight ^^'