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I'd love to play the full game on Windows. I mean the demo can be made for PC so why not :(

Are you still working on this game? I don't mind waiting, but I certainly hope it's not dead ;-;

The potential...

Any chance of this coming to Steam? I would end up buying it anyways if not but I definitely prefer to have it in my library if possible :D

Any chance you'd release this (and your other games if they get done) on Steam? I just like having my library in one place there and seeing that The Rose of Segunda is on Steam, I'm just wondering if it's possible.

I know but... that kind of defeats the purpose I want, that outside game would still be installed outside anyway. Reviews of library games, achievements, trading cards, Steam cloud and such functions would still be exclusive to Steam games.

Hello, I'm definitely waiting for the new update too. Will it be out soon?

Any chance this would go on Steam? I really would love all my games in one place so... :<

Do you have any plans to release this on Steam with an adult patch or something? I'd love to buy it but I'm used to Steam's system so I'm wondering if it's a possible thing...

Aw what I had this game on my list and was hoping to play it then...then....omg.... ;___; Well I respect your decision.  From what little I can tell I don't think there's anything you need to be embarrassed about ;___;

Is there still going to be an English version?

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but do you guys plan to release the game on Steam? Because I really hope to be able to have it in my library.

Hello, may I ask if you plan to release this on Steam too? Because...I just love playing games in my Steam library ^^"