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Nobody In Nowhere

A member registered Dec 18, 2018

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interesting game ! I love that things got escalated quickly ! I dunno felt real to me !

this is my gameplay btw:

will do !

sorry for the late replay. I wasn't here :D

Thanks for your suggestion :)

Great Game ! I still don't know what the hell happened though !

 I really enjoyed it !

Here's my full gameplay ( a kinda chill gameplay ! :D)

This was a unique game ! I really really enjoyed it ! Thanks to the Dev ! and btw, does Dia meaning Day in Portuguese has to do something with the game ? Like is it a clue or something ?! 


here's my full gameplay !

I can't wait ! and thank you for sharing your twitter ! 

Good Luck !

This is so exciting !!!!!!

I really enjoyed making the video !

Thank you for making the game :)

I liked the game ! seriously it has so much meaning ! at first I was disappointed by the ending then I sat down and did an investigation and explained almost everything in the game ! ( I actually filmed the process and backed it up with evidence ! )

so the game was like two games to me !

Thanks for making the game !

and here's my video I hope you enjoy it !

SO ! I've played your game and here's my vid :D
it's a decent game ! but it's a bit short !

I hope you like my gameplay ! please tell me if I missed anything !

I LOVE this ! Highly recommend ! the camera/tape mechanism is so cool and unique ! way to go dude !

I seriously hope you ( Mr. Dev) is still developing the game !

this is my gameplay btw

This was terrifying. I sure as hell experienced schizophrenia.

great job.

The lettuce man !! the lettuce is weird !! and apparently I don't know what it loos like !

great game !! 

well this was something ! I definitely wanna stay single forever now :D

I'm sure it will be :)

good luck :)

this looks great ! and I can't wait for the next episode !!

such a lovely game ! it was the perfect ending to my video about dog games !

I really hope you're still working on it !

here's my video btw:

NOT what I expected when looking for dog games ! still cool though !

it's the second game in my video !

Super fun game ! with a lovely ending ! I included it in my dog video !!

check it out !

Played it ! loved it ! included it in my dog video ! also I loved the sea sound ! it was actually relaxing ! and adding a cool dog surfer to the mix only made it better :D

short and gets the message across ! I really liked that we were actually blind and our name is love ! very clever ! But. my good sir/madam developer why did you have to break my heart and shatter my dreams ?????  this need a sequal tbh !

here's my gameplay btw:

that was a strange game ! cool nonetheless !! way to go man !

here's my gameplay btw:

Really fun game ! I had fun playing it, editing it and even making the thumbnail !

thank you for making it !
here's my gameplay btw :)

great game ! omg I don't think I can be home alone ever again !

btw: I felt happy that I actually understood the french in the game ! :D

here's my gameplay btw :)

I love how cute I am in this game XD

that voice though !! I can't imagine going through this ! 

I had so much fun playing this game !
Good job 👏👏

here's my gameplay ! it's the third game ! skip to 13:43 if you want to watch it :)

needs to be a little bit more scary in my opinion ! but it still good though !

here's my gameplay :)

this game has potential ! it needs an ending for starts 😅

this is my gameplay :)

Loved this game !! I can't wait for the next episode !! but the bear used to stuck to walls a bit and once he ran after me and got stuck at the design studio's gate ! but other wise cool game !!

here's my gameplay btw :)

Good Game man !!

love the atmosphere !!
here's my gameplay btw:

I really didn't get this game tbh !! but this is my gameplay !!

OMG that was SUPER CREEPY ! btw, RIP HOBO </3

this is my gameplay ! you will see that I TOTALLY enjoyed the game !

SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE :D I liked this game !! weird and funny !! BROFIST my nine yo friends XD


I am not even sure I made it out ALIVE !!!!

FREEDOM FOR ALL TREES ! got ending 7, 10 and 12 :D

love the game btw !

Fun game !!
cool idea too !!

Here's my gameplay ! Enjoy :)

SO I've played this game before and it was amazingly awesome !

but then I decided to make a classic mortal kombat edit for it ! Was it a wise choice ?!!
You decide !

This game is insane ! I was screaming at anything and everything ! great job Developer ! 

no problem man ! This game was so enjoyable 😍

(P.s just call me nobody even if it's still weird 😅😂)

Fun little game !