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I really like it! I'm fairly new to controllers (luckily bought one a few days ago) so it's particularly entertaining for me. It's kind of hard to get into it at first, but once you're there you just want to keep striking those input sequences, with tingles just before the time bar ends!

Also thanks for the Linux version!
(et bisous Apollinaire)

Would it be possible to make a Linux build?


Linux build, pleaaaase?

Very cool lil' game, loved your pixel art as always and had generally fun playing it. The puzzles are pretty simple but still entertaining, I think that the concept could be further developed to make more complex puzzles with more elements. One of the rare downsides would be the last level, at first you don't know what to do and that's... normal but then you try to develop a strategy or get through it by learning the the level structure. The issue is that there are no real reference points, so muscle memory is sought very slowly and you usually go for "spam bullets and hope this time you will get trough". Making it very quickly frustrating and boring. Otherwise the music, sounds and art are really amazing, keep it up!

Downloaded and consumed, thanks for supporting our small yet enlarging community.

Hii, may I get a Linux build please?


Enjoyable little game, design, music and sounds are really nice, it's a pity that the gameplay get's boring quickly because there are no real decisions to be made.

I don't understand why the jump is delayed

Thanks! :D Glad this requirement go added to the rules ;)

It was just a joke/troll about the fact that there was nothing about it in the rules, of course I will use Godot! :D


Since there is not written in the rules that we need to use Godot, I guess I'll just install Windows and grab a license for Unity....

Could you make a Linux build please?

Would love to play it, could you upload a Linux build please?

It would be cool to have a Linux and Mac version :/