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Probably the best pico game I've ever played. Though it would be great if the shield stacks up if you pick multiple of them and cards upgrade if you pick the card you already have in the 'pick a card' menu. Still, a very good game

I just spent half of my playing time trying to kill a tree

Really unique mechanic but hard to learn in the first few minutes.

Kinda dark when I cut the plant lol

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Very similar to 10 minutes till dawn... Almost like an entire copy


Thanks for playing!

They do! very far in the game they need 8 hits to die

The orange ones  gives you xp for the upgrades lol

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Unfortunately this game was only tested on Chrome so some stuff might not work including the health bar. Also the blurryness is actually part of the game 'cause I kinda like the look of it.

This game is very good. But it's hard to know what you're doing at first since too many enemies spawn and cramped together and I didn't know that they drop something. Also is there a way to heal? and does the tree drop something when you kill it?


I don't know if its intended but, if you touch the cieling of anything, your jump replenishes. 

You can add Murder Mystery, Couch Co-op and Co-op.

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How did you make 3 tools for 1 jam. It's very cool

When will be the Edit Theme for mobile will be fixed? I noticed that it's almost been 4 years since BlacckSh33p brought this up.

Thanks for playing!

Frog Jam community · Created a new topic Hi


is  this ending  random? like I can get some other ending?

Is this supposed to happen??

There's like a million birds at once

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the puzzle was awesome I just got stuck on the wall thing tho