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No Snow

A member registered Dec 05, 2017

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Let me begin by saying this game is incredible.

Here is the tl;dr before you read this:

I downloaded this game after browsing front page, ended up playing with the developer, and had a blast.

Ok, now onto the long version:

I am new to and the indie game scene. I have only recently learned about from browsing Reddit forums about where to get free or discounted games. As I was making my rounds through the front page of, I saw Hunternet. Compared to the other games that were displayed, this game stood out in that it looked incredible from a gameplay perspective. And it was free! So i downloaded and launched the client, joined the SF server because it was the closest to my location, and began playing. 

Let me tell you, I had no idea what I was getting into, or how much fun I would have playing. The game starts you off in a tutorial level where you learn the BARE minimal to play the game (this game is incredibly deep, more on that later). As a tutorial level, I didn't think I would have any company. Little did I know, the developer silently  joined me and guided me through the tutorial. TBH, I though he was a bot for the longest time.

While we were fighting bots in the main arena, I heard a voice different from the announcer telling me tips and tricks on how to play the game. Both big tips like how to switch weapons and evade enemies, and little tips like how to gain new weapons. Remembering his username is on the games title screen as the developer, I realized I was in for something really special. While he was giving me tips and tricks to defeat enemies, he was honestly very positive and encouraging the entire time. Once I figured out how to talk in game (hold the 1 key BTW) we started to talk and I might have been fan-girling pretty hard during our conversations. 

For the next hour or so we were playing and talking about the game. We talked about the games influences and what he was hoping to achieve with the game. Furthermore he was very polite and guided me through the controls better than I ever would've or could've. That's because the game is so DEEP. There is a level of control and fidelity that I have never been experienced to in any game. That doesn't mean there was a steep learning curve, it was quite easy to learn new moves in my opinion, but it made you think of techniques to avoid and engage enemies. Furthermore, with the item and weapon system that he has implemented into the game, I have no words to describe the sheer number ways a player can play Hunternet. It is awesome.

This game and the experience that I had playing it has been truly remarkable. I sincerely hope that anyone who visits this page who wants something that is both easy to understand and deep to play this game. It is a blast to play.

(P.S. If you do play, JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER!