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When the game was initially being developed, lots of our initial playtesters kept comparing the game to notorious bird dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend.

So - we wanted to be clear :P.

Aww, thank you! It was a very fun style to try out. :) 

Hey SPot01 thank you for leaving the feedback. We have put that onto our backlog and will look into implementing that feature.

Hi Smile - can you give us some more information about what is going wrong so that we can help? If you need to, feel free to email us at

Thank you for playing at Smash! :) We will continue development on Beam Team to bring you more content and planets to destroy. Subscribe to us for more updates on Beam Team and our other new titles that we are working on.

Hey Mephistoxoxo, yes once you purchase it you'll receive a unique URL to download most recent uploaded version of the game and will have access to future updates/ the full release of the game. This current version is pre-Smash 2018 version. We'll be uploading that version within this week. 

Hi Jay -
Thanks for such kind words! We're really glad  you enjoyed your time with the game. Make sure you stay tuned to keep up with updates as we add  more planets.

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- Beam Team - presented by No Moss Studios
A frantic 2 player couch co-op. Revolve and destroy all planets.


Short Description

- Beep - 

The Beam Team - a crack team of space pilots who travel the galaxy, demolishing rebellious planets and abducting their citizens for nefarious purposes. Destroy opposing planets and quash the revolution.

Join the Beam Team, the galaxy needs you.

Beam Team is currently under development. New planets and ship functionalities will be discovered over the next few weeks. 

- Boop -

No Moss Studios

Hello from No Moss Studios. We are a relatively new studio based in Sydney. Our purpose is to grow our people, our games and our players. 

Feel free to reach out and leave a comment.