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So, I'm making a game for the Tenth Creative Games Jam, which started a few days ago. I decided that it would be a good idea to really polish and finish the game, and I thought that I might do that for this jam. So, technically, I am starting with a game, that's already quite a bit done. Is that legal?

PS Is it legal to make my game paid?

The game has been upgraded and is a full game now, if you'd like to check it out!

The game has been upgraded and is a full game now, if you'd like to check it out!

The game has been upgraded and is a full game now, if you'd like to check it out!

PS If you download the installer, it should work with the Itch app.

The game has been upgraded and is a full game now, if you'd like to check it out!

The game has been upgraded and is a full game now, if you'd like to check it out!

The game has been upgraded and is a full game now, if you'd like to check it out!

The game has been upgraded and is a full game now, if you'd like to check it out!

The game has been upgraded and is a full game now, if you'd like to check it out!

(Comment from jam version)

Good point. I'll do that in a post-jam version.

So cute! :3

PS I recommend you change some of the options in the Windows Options (f.e. the Display name to "Blickel", because currently the display name is "Made in GameMaker Studio 2")

This would've been a 5 if only the movement wasn't so clunky. WHat I mean is that you move too fast, the shield doesn't properly throw but just sort of teleport in front of you, you can hold down the jump button and shield throw button. A little more explanation to what you can actually jump on would've also been handy. Plus I got stuck.

I love how you not only made a great concept and idea, but also invented a theme and even a distinct comic graphic style. 5/5.

Nice game. The only thing I would improve is the UI, it looks kinda out of place (perhaps it's because you didn't have enough time to make it?). It looks weird how the buttons are pixelated but the checkboxes and dropdown menus aren't.

Cool! Dunno what else to say.

I wouldn't think that there would be such a game on this jam... but there is

welp. this is what happens when you literally have to google how to cook an egg.

I liked it. Like, a lot.

Everything about this game is so great!!! I love the mechanic, art, sounds. Just wish there was some music. You really surprised me with the amount and quality of content! Good work! Excited for a full version.

Yeah I know I saw another guy have trouble with the diagonal jumping, dunno how to teach that. Plus the level design also isn't really great, in a future full version I will try to make some good puzzles. Anyways thanks for the feedback!

PS I had a bit of trouble reading your comment, a few periods would help there.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Thanks for enjoying it I guess? I will definately be working on a full version.

I love the idea, mechanic and representation. Levels weren't really tricky, I think you could've mde them a bit more challenging. Some ambient sounds would have been also nice. Great game!

It's a good thing that you not only thought of a great idea, but incorported it well too. Can't wait for  full version!

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I love your games Steven <3 They remind me of Zachtronics games

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Could you post devlogs when you make a new update? It would be great to hear about your newest additions. Also, an option to lower the sensitivity of the scrolling with the mouse would be great. I have a sort of crappy scroll and it isn't always easy to carefully pick which weapon to use. Also also, I think you can include a link to your Kickstarter on the page.

lol the music is out of key bc its in just intonation, so its not supposed to sound bad.

Yeah i would add more polish but I was already waaay too exhausted from making the game. Also im really exhausted to write a good reeply so ill write this. Good job being not lazy enough to write such a big comment tho. Appreciate it.

What are the controls for a keyboard?

This is such a great game!

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Hi! If you're interested (and if there's any text at all in the game), I could translate your game into Polish and/or German. Email me if you want: :)

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I know that there aren't any particles or sounds, I don't know why I didn't add them. Maybe I was too lazy? For opening safes, you just have to hold down E, you don't need to mash it.Also, I noticed that enemies were obstructed by the GUI so I made it translucent when you put your mouse over it. Still though, I know I could've done a better job on the AI and it's kinda dumb.

I'm using an Inspiron 5570, Dell laptop with Windows 10, Intel Core i5-8250U CPU, x64 Processor. Hope this helps.

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Hard to believe that the goblins were easy-peasy but the weird beige girl was constantly healing and I couldn't beat her! Still though, I can see very much potential for this game. (Add sum more boobies, though!) It reminds me of Deep Space Waifu it the way it incorporates fun gameplay with 18+ content. Lastly, I made a vid of my gameplay. Enjoy.

Umm, for some reason whenever I could shoot or walk, I could only see my lives. The rest of the screen was completely black. Is this a bug?


I never thought a game this good could be created during a game jam.

1 thing though:  I recommend making pausing. I pressed Esc, and instead of pausing, I lost all of my progress. Which is quite a bummerb, since I was already in the second world.

You should 100% turn this isto a full game.

My arousement has not limit!

Update: We will be now making Mordent, which wil be only on, but our next-er game, CYBERDRIVE, will be on and on Steam.

Loved it! Short and sweet, but very hard lil' game. Great job!

No, I don't think we will be releasing games on Steam yet. I will think about this though and perhaps our next game will be on Steam.

Thanks for the port. It works now.

I'll start by listing the bad things:

-I couldn't see the HP, it was too far on the top left.

-Rotating was counterintuitive - J rotates you clockwise and L counter-clockwise.

-I couldn't shoot.

And now, the good parts!

-Good, tense and mysterious atmosphere, great sounds and story.

-Movement was good and so were the sprites (y are the enemiesweird circles tho?)

-Overall, nice gameplay (if I was able tokill the spheres)!

Good job!



Nice! Fun! Great! Loved this game! Original! Way too hard on hard mode! Good job!

Where does the theme fit though...

Really neat experimental game! It kinda reminds me of games like GIRP or QWOP. Fun!