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Replied to GDWC in Bandit comments

Thanks for the feedback! I already submitted 3 of our games to GDWC. Do you think that this one should be published too?

I found a bug where if you restart after dying, The timer doesn't reset. Also, the player moves a bit too fast. Lastly, you could show the timer on screen.

Nice game!

I had high hopes for this game, and let me just say that you have exceeded my expectations. This is an astoundingly fun game! The camera moves a bit too fast, and I found that sometimes I got stuck in a wall and died. Aside from that, I can see that there is a lot of game feel. The audio is great, and the visuals are simple but nice. Oh, and the title doesn't have any connection to the game, but passes. Fantastic job!

So wait, the only control is the spacebar? You should've made a tutorial or something. Aside from that, let's be honest, this is not a very fun game.

I would love to play this game more but you have to click 12 million times just to buy a piece of land? Waaaaaaaaaaay too much clicking. Or just give me a tutorial, I can't figure out how to play.

Great game overall, but I found that I was waiting for the waves too long.

I liked it very much. Only two things I would recommend:

-Audio and SFX

-Making it so that you don't have to click the cannon to fire, but can click anywhere on the screen

When will Automobiles Tres come out???

I didn't quite understand how to play in the beginning, but soon I got the hang of it. Good job!

23479252651054 / 10.

This game is AWESOME!!! I hope that you'll turn it into a full game. It would be a perfect rage game!

Yeah so the game didn't match the theme but I don't think I have encountered such a game before!

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Thanks! Such comments really make me want to continue making games. The soundtrack is by misotanni, a firend of mine.

Also it wasn't that the sound of failing was loud, there was a sound for landing and if you were on the ground it looped.


Created a new topic Game crashed..


Woah, this was scary. In fact, I chickened out when I got the crowbar, so I didn't really play much. I'm overall not rather a fan of horror games, but this one was fun. I was really scared. Great work!

I think that the game is really well made, except now it's more of a movie. I think you should turn this into a game, add some gameplay. And, of course, make more content! Great mov-- game!

The game is done!


I just can't wait to play the full version. Art, music, atmosphere, everything was fantastic. It reminds me of Momodora 4 and Dark Souls (even though I didn't play either :P)

I think that what you did best was the atmosphere. During that sneaking section in the beginning I really felt the pressure.

I felt that the combat didn't really make me switch weapong or tactics a lot, at least not for now. It was kinda hard to switch weapons for me, as it switched 2 at once (I don't know if it's because of my mouse or the game)

I also think that you should put in some dialog and other characters (except if it's not working with the story)

What I think you could improve:

-Mouse sensitivity was way too low

-Way too many particles (also, make them smaller and more see-through)

-Make the car a bit more agile (It takes too long to speed up nd slow down)

Great game, mate!

Created a new topic Discord channel?

Are you gonna make a discord channel for the jammers? If not then I'm just gonna use mine.

Hey cool idea on the updates posts! I'm gonna remake a really crappy game, S.Q.U.A.R.E. It's the first game that I uploaded on itch.io.


The original game had copyrighted music and art and a ton of bugs. Luckily I still made an update that fixed most of them. Still, that game was made in GameMaker Lite 8.1, whereas now I'm working on GameMaker Studio 2.

The levels were one-screen, boring, and repetitive. Also, there wasn't much content. My new game is gonna fix that.

Behold, S.Q.U.A.R.E. REBIRTH!!!

This game will be a lot different. A minimalist and modern artstyle, actually cool graphics, great and fast-paced gameplay, more meaningful levels, and, most importantly, no bugs. (Well, at least not so many...)

I've already started working on this game a long time ago, but now is the time it will be reborn.

I'm currently at level-making.

Wow, this game has really surprised me! Getting around the triangles (I forgot how they're called) was really tense, and somehow you made the AAI pretty smart. The music was good, the visuals simplistic. Sometimes the Voice-over was incomprehensible. I think that with a bit of polish and extra mechanics this would easily become a good game.

Ok, somehow I managed to get past it.

Small question: why don't the hooks in level 3 damage you?

Nice work tho

I would've really liked this game if I would know how to actually hurt the villagers. Also, there was a small bug with the camera; sometimes it went upside down, sometimes it went backwards.

Well, I couldn't get past Stage 2. What do you have to do to get past the first door?

Created a new topic Paid games?

I'm thinking that my game will be already good enough to be paid. Is that allowed?

Yeah the controls were reversed and I found that you can go out of the playing field. Honestly, this is not a fun game.

I found the gme just boring. I mean, there isn't really much depth (powerups, hearts etc.), everything is slow and it gets repetitive after a while.

Thanks for sorting that out, I played the entire game through now.

Very unique idea! A bit better sprites would be nice, but I still enjoyed it.

Yeah I couldn't find the exit in the 2nd level so I didn't play very much. Cool game though!

I found this game surprisingly fun. Nice sprites, sound, music. It was really satisfying and hard at the same time. Great work!

Nice and original game! Good job! Music got a bit repetitive though, and the graphics could be a bit better.

Very cool game idea. I enjoyed playing it but I've noticed that the requests page doesn't work after the promotion. Is this intentional?

Anyway, yeah, it kinda reflects on the american healthcare system.

Nice game! I don't know how to complete any of the levels except for level 1 tho.

Great game! The only thing that I didn't get is:


Really cool game! Love the beautiful and minimalist artstyle, and the concept was original!